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Type="OneRow" > <Row> <ControlRef DisplayMode="Large" TemplateAlias="ctrl1" /> </Row> </Section> </Layout> </GroupTemplate>
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Shake to Undo Paste or Typing
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Why not use ISession.Find() instead of IQuery.List()
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We also have to update the code in similar ways. For example:
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//Each value is a separate element Field fieldCompanyName = Entity.GetSpecificFinderView().Fields.Find(delegate(Field f) { return (f.Name == "CustomerID"); }); strCustomer = fieldCompanyName.ToString(); return strCustomer; }
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17.8 Lab
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Disk allocation size and partition offset
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Figure 13.7 When you use the GetCredential cmdlet, it will pop up a dialog that looks like this.
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If you have a large number of push subscriptions, you should migrate to pull subscribers to transfer the processing requirements from the Distributor to the Subscriber. Also, using pull subscribers over WANs has performance advantages. In the remainder of this chapter we ll look at optimal replication settings. Most of these settings can be configured using custom profiles.
private MethodInfo writeIntMethod; } }
/// <summary> /// Mode settings for the View->Image /// submenu. The order and values here /// must correspond to the index of /// menus in the Image submenu. /// </summary> private enum DisplayMode { StretchToFit = 0, ActualSize = 1 } private DisplayMode _selectedMode = DisplayMode.StretchToFit;
Installing MOM
Because we added a parameter to the control-point drawing method, we need to also change the way it's called at the end of drawRect, like this:
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