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it isn t a button. Nor could Grid, Window, or any of the containing classes practically expose all the possible events of all possible children. Instead, you can call a method called AddHandler to indicate your interest in an event. This method takes a RoutedEvent which is generally available as a static member on the class that exposes the event. This parallels the Property System mechanism. For example, let s add a handler to our top-level Window to catch the Click event, as well as the beep every time a user clicks a button. You might want to do this, say, if you really hate your users. A good place to do this would be in the Window_Loaded() handler. (In your code, make sure you ve subscribed to the Loaded event on the Window.)
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CHAPTER 11: Working with Tilemaps
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public void generate(Module module, Element element) { PubControlModule m = (PubControlModule)module; String draft = m.getDraft().booleanValue() "yes" : "no"; Element controlElem = new Element("control", NS); Element draftElem = new Element("draft", NS); draftElem.addContent(draft); controlElem.addContent(draftElem); element.addContent(controlElem);
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TIP: As you create more and more iPhone applications, you will notice that the Home page on the emulator starts to fill up. If you want to clear this page you can delete the contents of the folder ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator. Next time you run the Simulator, it will have a clean screen.
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There is no getting around the need for text-based metadata in ORM. But NHibernate was designed with full awareness of the typical metadata problems. The metadata format is extremely readable and defines useful default values. When some values are missing, NHibernate uses reflection on the mapped class to help determine the defaults. NHibernate comes with a documented and complete XSD. Finally, IDE support for XML has improved lately, and modern IDEs provide dynamic XML validation and even an auto-complete feature. If that s not enough for you, in chapter 9 we demonstrate some tools you can use to generate NHibernate XML mappings. Let s look at the way you can use XML metadata in NHibernate. We introduced the mapping of the Category class in a previous section; now we provide more details about the structure of its XML mapping document shown in listing 3.4.
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Access modifier for types and type members that indicates the object or member is accessible only to the type in which it is defined.
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Listing 8 7. Initializing the Pool of Enemies for Later Reuse -(void) initEnemies { // create the enemies array containing further arrays for each type enemies = [[CCArray alloc] initWithCapacity:EnemyType_MAX]; // create the arrays for each type for (int i = 0; i < EnemyType_MAX; i++) { // depending on enemy type the array capacity is set // to hold the desired number of enemies int capacity; switch (i) { case EnemyTypeBreadman: capacity = 6; break; case EnemyTypeSnake: capacity = 3; break; case EnemyTypeBoss: capacity = 1; break; default:
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Figure 2.2 Providing zero disk failure tolerance, a RAID 0 partition is optimized for performance only, and is therefore not suitable for use with SQL Server. (Image provided courtesy of Advanced Computer and Network Corp.,
Unless you re really good at SELECT queries, resist the temptation of logging PerfMon data directly to a SQL Server table rather than to a binary flat file. The flat file technique is simple and straightforward. However, go ahead and log directly to a database table when you want to do extensive analysis, data manipulation, or automation. Unless there s an emergency, don t use PerfMon directly on the computer you intend to monitor, especially when recording PerfMon data to a log file. (Writing to a log file, in particular, can add considerable overhead.) PerfMon stops recording data when you log off. Instead of logging off, minimize PerfMon and lock the workstation. Alternately, you can run PerfMon as a service or set it to run at a scheduled time. Use the System Monitor view to see what is happening in real time, but remember that logging is an activity separate from the visual charting activity, which you must stop and start yourself. When in doubt, ask questions at the Windows Perfmon and Diagnostic Tools forum at http:/ /
Figure 10 1. An orthogonal tilemap in Tiled (Qt) Map Editor
Immediate association fetching occurs when you retrieve an entity from the database and then immediately retrieve another associated entity or entities in a further request to the database or cache. Immediate fetching isn t usually an efficient fetching strategy unless you expect the associated entities to almost always be cached already.
Tools for troubleshooting and logging
Nonclustered index seek
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