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PictureBox control. It does this by creating a new Bitmap object for the selected file and assigning it to the Image property of the PictureBox control.
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Task: On-Demand Report Delivery
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Listing 1.10
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One of the hardest things for a relational DBA to come to grips with is the redundancy involved in data warehousing. It s disk intensive, to be sure. Often, a copy of a subset of the data is made for staging prior to loading the data warehouse, then there is the data warehouse itself, plus the cube store. This redundancy can be mitigated somewhat in the data warehouse design, but it s best to come to terms with the idea of redundancy as soon as possible. One exciting benefit is the potential to archive data from the operational system as it is loaded into the data warehouse, making the OLTP system more lean.
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This last example uses CreateCriteria() to get back a list of objects. Notice that the root entity type you want the query to return is specified as User. We study criteria queries in detail later.
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PS (5) > subtract -from 5 6 -1
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As is often the case in PowerShell, you don t need to worry about getting upper- and lowercase letters correct. The shell won t care. Once a snap-in is loaded, you ll want to figure out what it added to the shell. A PSSnapin can add cmdlets, PSDrive providers, or both to the shell. To find out what cmdlets were added, use Get-Command (or its alias, Gcm):
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Assuming the Reporting Services instance is started and accessible from your development system, you re ready to deploy the report. From the Solution Explorer window, right-click an individual report (.RDL) or the report project and choose Deploy. If the TargetServerURL is set correctly and the Reporting Services server instance is running and properly initialized, your report should deploy in a few seconds.
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Figure 1.7 With RS you can export your reports to many formats, including Adobe Acrobat PDF. Here, I have exported this report to Adobe PDF and loaded it in Adobe Reader. Table 1.5 Report-rendering options Description HTML 4.0 (Internet Explorer 5.0 and above), Netscape (6.2 and above), HTML 3.2 otherwise. MIME encapsulation of the Aggregate HTML Documents standard, which embeds resources such as images, documents, or other binary files as MIME structures within the report. This is a good option to minimize the number of round-trips between the browser and server to fetch resources. MHTML is most useful for sending reports through e-mail, as we see in chapter 14. Portable document format (PDF) files viewable using the Acrobat Reader. Creates a visual representation of the report in an Excel workbook and translates Excel formulas whenever possible. Users can open the report in Excel to change it. Creates an XML document containing the data in the report. The schema of the XML document generated is determined by the contents and layout of the report. Users can use the Data Output tab in the Report Designer to control how the XML will be rendered. Comma-separated value file, with no formatting. continued on next page
13.2.2 Create the new custom control Before we create the control and give it a name, we should think a little about the nature of the control. One of the reasons for creating a custom control rather than a user control is for the purpose of enabling control templates. In general, we re creating a GroupBox with a CheckBox in the header. But, WPF allows for a very strong separation of behavior and look, so concentrating on the behavior will help us make a better control. Let s think about what we want from our control in the most general sense:
Zooming in and out of web pages is very easy on the iPhone. There are two primary ways of zooming double-tapping and pinching.
Class Web Part Type Group Filename Sealed Feature Provider Connections
The FontStretch property gives you the ability to either condense or expand the font associated with a TextBlock. The CSS equivalent of this property is defined within the third version of CSS (CSS3), but few browsers currently implement it. For this reason, this property is one text-related feature not usually seen within a traditional web application. But, with Silverlight, you can stylize your text with this feature using one of the FontStretches values shown in table 9.2.
Sometimes you will want to copy two or more elements from an array. To do so, you would invoke its slice() method, passing two parameters. First, the index of the first element to copy. Second, the number of elements to copy.
Choose All Podcasts or Selected Podcasts next to episodes of. If you choose Selected Podcasts after episodes of, then you can choose individual podcasts and even individual episodes in the two sections in the middle of the screen. If you have playlists of podcasts, you can select those for inclusion by checking the boxes in the bottom section of the screen. When you are done choosing individual podcasts, click the Apply button to save your settings and start the sync.
- (void)finalize { if (file!=nil) { [file close]; file = nil; } [super finalize]; }
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