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The following operation returns a true value because 17 is not the same as 17.5: 17 17.5 Result: true The less-than (<) and greater-than (>) comparison operators can help you figure out whether the left operand is smaller or larger than the right operand: 5 > 3 Result: true 12.1 < 12 Result: false Cousins of the greater-than (>) and less-than (<) operators are the greater-than-or-equal-to ( ) and less-than-or-equal-to ( ) operators. You insert them by pressing Option+. (period) to get and Option+, (comma) to get , (again, this works on U.S. keyboards and may vary on other layouts). The operator checks to see whether the right operand is greater than or equal to the left operand. The operator checks whether the right operand is smaller than the left operand or equal to it. When comparing numbers, AppleScript acts as you would expect. However, when comparing text, things can get a little more complicated. We will look at the different possibilities in the Using Considering/Ignoring Clauses section later in this chapter.
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Officially called a cuboid or a rectangular prism if you want to get technical.
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It is one of the event types listed under the EventProcessing element in the RSReportServer.config configuration file. The event data is the identifier of the item that triggered the event and can be of the following values: For subscriptions based on shared schedules, the EventData is the schedule identifier, as specified in the ScheduleID column in the Schedule table. For subscriptions with private schedules, the EventData corresponds to the subscription identifier, which is the value of the SubscriptionID column from the Subscriptions table. In a nutshell, triggering the subscription programmatically involves inserting an event record into the Event table in the Report Server database. There s nothing stopping you from writing a table trigger on the Adventure Works Product table to insert a new record in the Event table when a new product has been added, but the recommended way is to use the FireEvent API.
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Adding Notes to Calendar Events
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Monthly Once At System Startup At Logon When Idle The profile must be marked active to be staged automatically. Only one profile may be staged at a time to a Destination directory. If you are staging more than one profile to a Destination directory using the automated scheduler, ensure that they cannot run concurrently. Make sure there is enough unused space to accommodate both sets of staged pages.
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While not particularly recommended, this #define will work just fine, substituting the following statement
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Listing 6.1 HTML from the author s blog that shows newsfeed auto-discovery links
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Pausing and Playing
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The script uses the $show parameter to decide whether it should reopen the windows or simply emit the data. Opening and closing windows is all very nice, but what else can we open We ll look at that next. Example: Opening control panel items Here s one more example using the Shell.Application class: opening a control panel item. This saves us from having to navigate through all those tedious menus. As before, we need an instance of the Shell.Application object.
What does it mean to be a DBA
Being able to access the data is only part of the picture. We need to be able to administer SQL Server as well. PowerShell is an automation engine that lends itself to working across multiple servers. We need to be able to use SMO to perform the administrative tasks. SMO is covered in chapter 27, Automating SQL Server management using SMO, but for the purposes of our discussion it s a hierarchical set of .NET objects, introduced with SQL Server 2005, that exposes the functionality we see in the SQL Server Management Suite. PowerShell doesn t know anything about SMO, though the assemblies are automatically loaded by SQLPS, so we need to explicitly need to load the .NET assemblies into PowerShell when we want to use this functionality. We can perform the load in the PowerShell profile if we re going to be using SMO a lot, as shown in listing 2.
49 XEVENT: the next event infrastructure
Although most popular reporting tools support many of the report types shown in table 1.2, RS makes the report-authoring process very simple. For example, report authors can drag and drop items to define the report s appearance. 1.1.2 Choosing a Reporting Services edition At a very high level, RS can be defined as a server-based platform for authoring, managing, and distributing reports. We discuss the RS architecture in more detail in a moment. For now, note that RS is integrated with and requires several other Microsoft products. Here are the installation requirements for both RS 2000 and RS 2005:
Listing 19.14 The three printing event handlers, wired and ready to go
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