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LINQ to SQL provides language-integrated data access by using LINQ s extension mechanism. It builds on ADO.NET to map tables and rows to classes and objects. LINQ to SQL uses mapping information encoded in .NET custom attributes or contained in an XML document. This information is used to automatically handle
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The second is that your application should have prompted the user to allow push notifications, as shown in Figure 10-18.
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While the details of SqlMetal are outside the scope of this chapter, you can find more information about how to leverage it to create LINQ to SQL objects by checking out chapter 7 or by browsing to \Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Bin and executing SqlMetal.exe without any command-line switches.
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USE [AdventureWorks] GO CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [IX_WorkOrder_DueDate] ON [Production].[WorkOrder] ( [DueDate] )
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If you run this code, you ll see that the promised alert panel won t appear (but the empty window included in the default nib file will). What will happen, though, is that something like the following will appear in Xcode s debug output:
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The first thing you need to understand in listing 3.1 is what the call to Process.GetProcesses B returns and how it is used. The GetProcesses method of the System.Diagnostics.Process class returns an array of Process objects. This is not surprising and probably wouldn t be interesting, except that arrays implement the generic IEnumerable<T> interface. This interface, which appeared with .NET 2.0, is key to LINQ. In our particular case, an array of Process objects implements IEnumerable<Process>. The IEnumerable<T> interface is important because Where C, OrderByDescending D, Select E, and other standard query operators used in LINQ queries expect an object of this type as a parameter. Listing 3.2 shows how the Where method is defined, for instance.
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CHAPTER 12: Where Do You Go from Here
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firstName.Parent.HasAttributes) Console.WriteLine("FirstName tag's parent has child elements: {0}", _ firstName.Parent.HasElements)
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Listing 7.6
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We then created some tool tips for our PhotoEditDlg form. We associated a ToolTip instance with our form, and saw how to assign tool tips to the various controls contained within this form. Along the way we examined the ImageList class as a way to store and manage a collection of Image objects on behalf of a control or other object. We again looked at the resource file generated by Visual Studio .NET to contain the images assigned to such a list, and we created an image list for use within our ToolBar control. In addition, we pointed out how Component objects such as ImageList and ToolTip instances are disposed of when created within Visual Studio. Such objects are contained within the form s components member to ensure they can be tidied up when the Dispose method is invoked. I would encourage you to experiment with the controls and features discussed here and in earlier chapters in this book. The foundation presented so far is critical to developing and understanding Windows Forms applications, and will come in handy as we discuss the concepts presented in part 3.
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here are actually two Preferences objects within AutoCAD: AcadPreferences and DatabasePreferences. The AcadPreferences object is stored by AutoCAD and applies to all drawing sessions. The DatabasePreferences object (also called the Document Preferences) is stored with each drawing file and applies only to the drawing in which it was saved. This chapter covers a few aspects of the AcadPreferences object. A quick way to discern the differences between the AcadPreferences and DatabasePreferences objects is to look through the Options dialog box tabs and note the features with a drawing icon beside them. These indicate Document Preferences. All others are AcadPreferences features. Users can set many different properties that affect the way they work with AutoCAD. For example, users can set the paths that are searched to find support files and programs, the properties affecting performance, and how the display is presented. You can view and set these properties through the Options dialog box, which you can access through the Tools Options menu, as shown in Figure 5-1, or by typing Options at the command prompt.
As always, a comma-separated list is the way to pass multiple values to any parameter that supports them.
If you need to author reports on the fly, creating reports programmatically by generating the report definition can be a useful technique. Recall that the report definition of an RSbased report is described in a specification called Report Definition Language (RDL). Imagine that you need to design a multisection report, where each section shows the sales performance of a particular AWC office. A client front-end application could let the user select arbitrary sections to be included in the report. How would you implement this
using LinqInAction.Extensibility; using LinqInAction.LinqBooks.Common; static class TestDomainSpecificOperators { static void Main() { var books = from book in SampleData.Books where book.Price < 30 select book.Title; ObjectDumper.Write(books); } }
The ISE displays a dialog box for Read-Host.
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