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Most web browsers implement one of the DOM variants supported by Silverlight. Regardless, these DOM variants enable you to programmatically access and manipulate the HTML DOM. Because of this, you can easily add an instance of the Silverlight plug-in to a new or existing web page.
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the browser. The key difference is that, unlike ActiveX, .NET has a robust security model, so it s possible to control what an XBAP is allowed to do. The ActiveX security model had two modes don t allow or (as one of our colleagues describes it) party on your hard drive. As it happens, the ability to run .NET code within a browser has been around for a while, but WPF makes it much easier to create and deploy apps. It s even possible for a browser to automatically render loose XAML files. In this chapter, we ll take our dictionary application, host it inside a browser, and tackle some of the security issues. While we re at it, we ll also demonstrate some features of navigation applications that lend themselves to being hosted within a browser.
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The equivalent XML mapping is
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Second Alert
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
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When an object needs to receive a callback in Java, an interface specifies how the object must be formed, and a method in that interface is called for the callback. You can use a similar approach in C# with interfaces. C# adds delegates, which can be thought of as type-safe function pointers. A class can create a delegate on a function in the class, and then that delegate can be passed off to a function that accepts the delegate. That function can then call the delegate. C# builds upon delegates with events, which are used by the .NET Framework. Events implement the publish-and-subscribe idiom; if an object (such as a control) supports a click event, any number of other classes can register a delegate to be called when that event fires.
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Now what if you simply want to delete some content without inserting any in its place Doing so is straightforward. Just call Node.removeChild() on the parent of the node you want to delete. Pass Node.removeChild() the unwanted child node, and you re done. So, let s give the Flickr <li> the axe. But before doing so, click Clear in both Firebug panels and refresh Firefox so that it reverts its display to the original markup: var myUL = document.getElementsByTagName("ul")[0]; myUL.removeChild(document.getElementById("flickr")); Take a peek at Firefox s display. There are just three <li> elements now. Since JavaScript printed <li id="flickr" class="sprite"> in the left panel of Firebug, does that mean Node.removeChild() returns the node it deleted Yup. It turns out you can use that return value to reinsert the deleted node elsewhere. Let s give that a try. But first click Refresh in Firefox so that you get the Flickr <li> back. Double-clear Firebug, too. Then enter and run the following: var myUL = document.getElementsByTagName("ul")[0],
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The column stored_person_list is the allocated area, but the one we should use in queries is person_list which holds the actual person_id:s for the email addresses containing the fragment. The column listlen is used when maintaining the table. There may not be much point to have it persisted, but nor is the cost likely to be high. You find the definition of this table in the files 08_fragments_personlists-2008.sql and 08_fragments_personlists-2005.sql. These files also include the preceding CREATE AGGREGATE statement, and the load procedure for the table, which is what we will look at next.
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@implementation helloWorld_005ViewController @synthesize label, uiImageView; - (IBAction)buttonPressed:(id) sender{ label.text = @"Hello World, I'm back!"; UIImage *imageSource = [UIImage imageNamed: @"kera.png"]; uiImageView.image = imageSource; }
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Doesn t handle type validation Only one error per field Slightly more complex implementation than exceptions
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The .NET Framework provides the Process class, which starts processes. The following example shows how to start Notepad: // file=process.cs // compile with csc process.cs using System.Diagnostics; class Test { public static void Main() { ProcessStartInfo startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo(); startInfo.FileName = "notepad.exe"; startInfo.Arguments = "process.cs"; Process.Start(startInfo); } } The arguments used in starting the process are contained in the ProcessStartInfo object.
Now that we can make copies of engines and tires and their subclasses, it s time to make the Car itself copiable. As you d expect, Car needs to adopt the NSCopying protocol:
LINQ to SQL offers the capability to manage the interaction between relational data stores and application logic based in objects through the object s full life cycle. We no longer need to manually write hundreds of lines of ADO.NET plumbing code. In fact, with the supplied tools, most of the code can be automatically generated. Once the objects and mapping structures are established, we can work with the data using the same query syntax used in LINQ to Objects. Because we set up the metadata about the source and destination of the data, we can let the framework manage the entire life cycle. Let s summarize what we ve covered in the past three chapters by stepping through the typical object life cycle. See figure 8.11.
SQL Server can be configured so that threads will only be assigned to particular CPUs. This setting is typically used in NUMA-enabled systems, or on systems used for environments where a certain level of CPU resource needs to be reserved for other purposes, for example, other SQL Server instances or applications, to prevent one SQL Server instance from dominating CPU usage. On single instance servers dedicated to SQL Server, this setting is best left at the default, in which case threads will be balanced across all available CPUs.
WARNING It s important to note the direction of the slashes that separate the ser-
One way to use the domain service is to reference the client context object from code and execute queries directly against it. Because this is the most traditional way when compared to the usual pattern of working with services and WCF service proxies, I ll start with it. In the Home.xaml.cs file, replace the OnNavigatedTo method with the following short bit of code:
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