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Note The -drawRect: method is only responsible for drawing its content. A view is actually drawn when it
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if($server.Pending()) Check request { $socket = $server.AcceptSocket() } if ( $socket.Connected ) { write-host ("Connection at {0} from {1}." -f (get-date), $socket.RemoteEndPoint )
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I realize you might not be using Mail. If you aren t, you can skip the start and just set the string variable you will see in a minute to the message text. This way you will bypass Mail and get right to cleaning the text. All this, by the way, isn t just logistics that relate strictly to learning AppleScript from this book; these are different tasks you should perform while writing actual scripts, including creating dummy data, creating objects in an application to use in testing, and so on. Let s look at the selection property first. Write the following lines, and run the script: tell application "Mail" get selection end tell The result is a list containing one item. Now let s change the script to reference the first item of the list: tell application "Mail" get item 1 of (get selection) end tell
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Using the Business Data field type in lists and libraries
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The first two printf()s use the "%s" format specifier to print the strings in the fields title and comment:
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With this infrastructure in place, we can turn our attention to the methods required in the PhotoAlbum class.
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If you change the CheckAccess overloads you may need to change also the implementation of the IAuthorizationExtension.GetPermissions method. GetPermissions returns the list of permissions available to a given user and it is only called by the Report Manager. Although the sequence diagram on figure 13.23 doesn t show it, the Report Manager calls AuthorizationExtension.GetPermissions to adjust its UI based on the security policy defined for the logged-on user.
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Good Categories
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you don t have to put spaces between built-in commands and their arguments. This means that you can issue commands like the following:
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CHAPTER 5: C Basics: Variables and Operators
<MenuItem Header="About..." Command="local:WikiWindow.About" />
- (IBAction)createMonster:(id)sender { NSUserDefaults *ud = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]; NSMutableString *result = [NSMutableString stringWithCapacity:1024]; [result appendString:@"Generating a monster within these parameters:\n----------------\n"]; [result appendFormat: @"Booty frequency: %d\n", [ud integerForKey:kMonsterBootyFrequency]];
myFloat = 12345.67890123456789F; myDouble = 12345.67890123456789; myLongDouble = 12345.67890123456789L;
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