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Figure 13-38. Object Inspector s Preview tab
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TIP: Remember to zoom using double-tap or pinching open/closed to see more of the web page. You navigate around and interact with just as you would with your computer. The only difference is that you use your finger instead of the mouse to click links.
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and placed in the car. Then a for loop spins around four times. Each time through the loop, a new tire is created, and the car is told to use the new tire. Finally, the car is printed and the program exits. From the user s point of view, the program hasn t changed at all:
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Objective-C @interface Tosser : NSObject - (void)catcher; - (void)thrower; @end @implementation Tosser - (void)catcher { @try { NSLog(@"%s trying",__func__); [self thrower]; } @catch ( SpecificException *se ) { NSLog(@"caught SpecificException: %@",se); } @catch ( NSException *e ) { NSLog(@"caught NSException: %@",e); @throw e; } @finally { NSLog(@"%s finished",__func__); } } - (void)thrower { @throw [NSException exceptionWithName:@"MyException" reason:@"-thrower does not work" userInfo:nil]; } @end The similarities are much more pronounced than the differences. Specifically, the @try, @catch, and @finally blocks have the same syntax, order, and execution flow that the try, catch, and finally blocks do in Java. You throw exception objects using the Objective-C @throw directive exactly as you would with Java s throw statement. Caught exceptions can be processed or re-thrown in the same way. If you want to employ exceptions in Objective-C the way you do in Java, you re welcome to do so. The capabilities of Objective-C exceptions are so close to that of Java s that you probably won t notice any significant difference. There are, however, some differences mostly in what Objective-C will allow you to do that Java doesn t. The next section explains exactly what those differences are and what impact they might have on your design.
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== sortedValues[1] && == sortedValues[4]) {
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4. See 3 for more information.
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Applying the Observer pattern to an entity
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Click here to set this up as new iPhone
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The next step is to install the iTunes application. If you are on a Mac, then the install should start automatically; if it does not, then locate your Downloads folder and double-click the file that says something like iTunes_Install.dmg. Then skip ahead to this chapter s iTunes Installation Screens for a Mac section, where you ll find the step-by-step instructions. If you re on a Windows PC, the steps you take to start the downloaded installation file vary a little, depending on your web browser. In the section that follows, we will walk you through the installation steps for the iTunes app with four popular browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.
typedef struct { int x, y, width, height; } ShapeRect;
In this trace mode, each statement executed by the interpreter will be displayed on the console as shown.
Simply outputting a string that records what a particular thread is doing is insufficient to monitor operations and track down problems in production environments. It isn t usually necessary to have thousands of threads running within hundreds of processes on dozens of machines. Although it s interesting that a particular thread called Trace.WriteLine() exists and has recorded that an error occurred, finding the actual thread that originated the statement, along with other metadata about the state of the process, is also interesting. To allow you to capture this information without having to manually code its retrieval, the Trace class in the 2.0 release of the .NET Framework libraries includes a new method called TraceInformation(). This method is capable of outputting the thread s call stack, the date and time the Trace statement was made, the logical operation stack (which is the chain of calls in the current call context and may span multiple threads), the process ID, the thread ID, and the time stamp (which is a long that represents the number of ticks in the system timer and is a higher resolution than the date and time value that s also available). The actual listener decides which output values should be collected for a TraceInformation statement. To add and output all the available information, use the following code: ConsoleTraceListener ctl = new ConsoleTraceListener(); ctl.TraceOutputOptions = TraceOptions.Callstack | TraceOptions.DateTime | TraceOptions.LogicalOperationStack | TraceOptions.ProcessId | TraceOptions.ThreadId | TraceOptions.Timestamp; System.Diagnostics.Trace.Listeners.Add(ctl); Trace.TraceInformation("An error occurred "); Running this code produces the following output:
ICriteria itemCriteria = session.CreateCriteria(typeof(Item)); itemCriteria.Add( Expression.Like("Description", "part", MatchMode.Anywhere) ); ICriteria bidCriteria = itemCriteria.CreateCriteria("Bids"); bidCriteria.Add( Expression.Gt( "Amount", 100 ) ); IList results = itemCriteria.List();
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