Figure 1-21. The Object Browser dialog box in Office Word

Printer QRCode in Office Word Figure 1-21. The Object Browser dialog box

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Output of the threaded server program using the sc_usage command
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Navigating Around Time Magazine
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Listing 9.3 Web Part that displays all lists in a site and the number of items in each list
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Every ADO.NET connection to a database uses the database s default isolation level usually read committed or repeatable read. This default can be changed in the database configuration. You may also set the transaction isolation for ADO.NET connections using an NHibernate configuration option:
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var query = from subject in subjects join book in books on subject.SubjectId equals book.SubjectId select new { subject.Name, book.Title, book.Price };
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var books = dataContext.GetTable<Book>(); var query = from book in books where book.Price < 30 select book;
PowerShell also provides equivalent bitwise operators for doing binary operations on integer values. These operators can be used to test and mask bit fields, as shown in the examples in table 4.6. In the first version of PowerShell, the bitwise operators are limited in that they only support [int].
@end @implementation RecipeBoxController - (void)makeLists { NSMutableArray *mealList = [NSMutableArray new]; NSMutableArray *shoppingList = [NSMutableArray new]; NSMutableArray *affordableGroceryList = shoppingList; Budget *budget = [self mealBudget]; for (Meal *meal in [self meals]) { for (Ingredient *ingredient in [[meal recipe] ingredients]) [budget planExpenditure:[ingredient cost]]; if ([budget isOverBudget]) affordableGroceryList = nil; [mealList addObject:meal]; [affordableGroceryList addObjectsFromArray:[[meal recipe] ingredients]]; } } @end The Java approach uses traditional conditions that branch to each case. The Objective-C approach largely lets the presence or absence of objects dictate its behavior. If the budget object is nil, the -planExpenditure: message is never sent and the -isOverBudget message always returns NO. If a meal s recipe property is nil, no ingredients are processed. If the budget is exceeded, the affordableGroceryList pointer is set to nil, and shoppingList stops receiving -addObjectsFromArray: messages. To begin designing with nil, start with these three principles: property accessors, absent behavior, and consistency with nothing.
One way to think of static variables is as global variables that are limited in scope to a single function.
Next For i = 0 To Threads.Length 1 Threads(i).Start() Next Thread.Sleep(1000) StatusBar1.Text = "Started" End Sub
[Serializable] public class Employee { }
PS (10) > nadd "4a" "222" nadd : Cannot convert value "4a" to type "System.Int32". Error: "Input string was not in a correct format." At line:1 char:5 + nadd <<<< "4a" "222"
These methods are called when the user presses the pause button on top of the device. When you receive applicationWillResignActive: you should stop all timers, animations, and sound, and your game should go into a pause state. The device will not really sleep; it will just go into a power-saving mode and turn the screen off. Music will continue to play, and animations will even continue to run but will not be visible. This power-saving mode will still drain the battery, so you have to handle these. Version 1.0 of Frenzic could drain the battery of your phone in record time when you put your device into sleep, since we forgot to stop some animations that nobody every saw, except the battery.
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