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Note: The order does not affect our discussion, so use whatever sequence makes the most sense to you.
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Page width-(left margin + right margin) >= number of columns * column width + (number of columns - 1) * column spacing
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Many see a future where businesses expose applications to customers as Web services using a pay-per-use model and where the systems of different companies interact with one another across the Web. The Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) project, initiated by Microsoft, IBM, and others, supports these goals by allowing companies to publish information about the Web services they produce in a universal registry that will be accessible by all. Perhaps the most attractive feature of Web services is that, unlike DCOM or CORBA, they are founded on universal, nonproprietary standards including XML and HTTP. Web services are not exclusive to .NET. On the contrary, one of their strengths is that they offer a model that is platform independent. However, .NET includes several tools and a degree of support which simplify the development of Web services by 164
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The AddClass() method assumes that the name of the mapping file ends with the .hbm.xml extension and is embedded in the same assembly as the mapped class file. If you want to add all mapped classes (with .NET attributes) in an assembly, you can use an overload of the method HbmSerializer.Serialize(); or, if you want to add all mapping files embedded in an assembly, you can use the method AddAssembly():
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<Math> <Constants> <e>2.71828183</e> <pi>3.14159265</pi> <square-root-2>1.41421356</square-root-2> </Constants> </Math>
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- (void)freedObject { id obj = [[NSObject alloc] init]; NSLog(@"the object is %@", obj); [obj release]; NSLog(@"the object is %@", obj); }
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Figure 7-25. Splitting the code editor too many times
Start is a method of the Timer class that ensures that the Enabled property has a value of True.
Figure 8 19. Here is a detailed image of one selection in the iPad Simulator 2x magnification Mmm, chicken!
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