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Notice also the labels that appear beneath each bit in the figure ( Add 1, Add 2, etc.). These labels are the key to binary numbers. Memorize them (it s easy each bit is worth twice the value of its right neighbor). These labels are used to calculate the value of the entire byte. Here s how it works: Start with a value of 0. For each bit with a value of 1, add the label value below the bit. That s all there is to it! In the byte pictured in Figure 5-3, you d calculate the byte s value by adding 1 + 2 + 8 + 32 = 43. Where did we get the 1, 2, 8, and 32 They re the bottom labels of the only bits with a value of 1. Try another one. What s the value of the byte pictured in Figure 5-4
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This code will set the data source of your BindingSource object to the return value of the GetProducts() method of your ProductInformation object. Remember that GetProducts() was a static method that s why you can simply call this method and you don t need to instantiate the object first. This method returns a list of Product objects.
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Storyboard.TargetProperty= "OpacityMask.(LinearGradientBrush.GradientStops)[0].Offset" From="0.0" To="1.0" Duration="{StaticResource animationTime}"/> <DoubleAnimation Storyboard.TargetName="ElementBPresenter" Storyboard.TargetProperty= "OpacityMask.(LinearGradientBrush.GradientStops)[1].Offset" From="0.0" To="1.0" Duration="{StaticResource animationTime}"/> </Storyboard> </BeginStoryboard> </Trigger.EnterActions> </Trigger> </ControlTemplate.Triggers> </ControlTemplate>
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Boxing and Unboxing
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One caveat here is that we re updating a specific resource dictionary. So, if the brush you re using is in the application and you set the value on the Window s resource dictionary, you end up with two different versions of the brush at two different levels. This may or may not cause problems, depending on your goals. In the examples so far, we ve retrieved values from the resource dictionary and set a property as a one-off thing. It s more important to update the proper resources if you want properties to change dynamically when the resource value changes.
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For many years, we have watched TV episodes and movies debut future technology like this. For example, many of these episodes and movies show people talking on small,
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And now we could go ahead and print out document from here as well!
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Clipboard exposes static members, so you don t need to instantiate it to use it. For example, to place text on the clipboard, simply call Clipboard.SetText:
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CHAPTER 25: iTunes on Your iPhone 4
Coding the Web Service
DatePart function 112 DateTime parameters 365 DateTime structure 94 DateTimePicker control 365 db_datareader role 76 DbgView 561 utility 288 dealing with nulls 155 Debug menu 560 Debug Mode setting 202 debugging reports 51 debugging web controls 406 DebugLocal configuration 52 53, 204 DebugView 311, 583 tool 201, 211, 258 DefaultTraceSwitch setting 217, 258 delivery extensions 487 configuring 493 defined 10 settings 507 supported 22 delivery features 9 Deploy configuration 51, 204 menu 52 deploying reports 52 first report 32 from VS.NET 52 programmatically 245 single report 52 deployment features 11 deployment guide 591 deployment options 42 Descendants statement 442 Details Grouping button 112 developer edition 4, 591 device settings 368 as shown in figure 10.8. 348 HTMLFragment 404 overview 306 Dimension Wizard 435 dimensions 421 fine tuning 436 Direction property 134 distributed applications 339 DLL Hell 338
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