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Figure 17.15 The ClickOnce Publish Wizard. For simple deployment situations, the wizard pretty much handles everything. Other than choosing the directory, we ve gone with the defaults for everything else.
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You can also execute a macro through the Macros dialog box, shown in Figure 1-24. To open this dialog box, type VBARUN at the AutoCAD command prompt. You can also choose Tools Macro Macros or press Alt+F8. For the beginner or end user, this is an excellent way to execute macros.
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Retrieving objects efficiently
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What method of a ServiceController object (produced by Get-Service) will pause the service without stopping it completely What method of a Process object (produced by Get-Process) would terminate a given process What method of a WMI Win32_Process object would terminate a given process Write four different commands that could be used to terminate all processes named Notepad, assuming that multiple processes might be running under that same name.
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Our first chapter was an introduction into the business problems the Business Data Catalog is trying to solve, and how you can use your line-of-business (LOB) data within SharePoint. We briefly mentioned that, before you can use your LOB data within SharePoint, you need to create an XML application definition file that lets SharePoint know how to connect to your LOB system and get the data from it. This chapter will focus on that application definition file in detail. Although there are tools now available for creating the application definition file, it s still important to understand what these files are doing in case you need to edit or troubleshoot an error. Initially we ll discuss how to connect to the line-of-business system using the file.
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Database File servers Communication
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String SelectionSet object
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Now open the Terminal App, which you ll find in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder on your Mac. Or just enter Terminal.app in Spotlight to locate it. The cocos2d Xcode Project Templates installation procedure is driven by a shell script, but it s really simple to do. First, in the Terminal window, enter sudo followed by a space. In a Finder window, locate the file install-templates.sh in the cocos2d folder and drag and drop it onto the Terminal window. This will add the full path and file name right after the sudo command, so it should look like this:
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Note An Index Bot checks for http://www.[domain name].com/robots.txt, that is, the root directory of the site. There can only be one root directory per site. If it finds robots.txt, it checks to see if it is allowed to save (index) page information. robots.txt can apply to specific robots. [URL]/robots.txt is case-sensitive (must be lowercase). Sample robots.txt files are available at:
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The Windows RSS Platform
A DockPanel is useful when you want to position various elements on the edges of your window. For example, you might put a menu and a toolbar at the top, an explorer bar at the left, and a status bar at the bottom. The remaining space would contain the main content with which the user interacts. As with a StackPanel, if you put a series of items on the same side, they will stack one after the other. In fact, if you add all the items at the top or the left, the behavior will be similar to that of a StackPanel. Similar but not identical. The big difference is that a StackPanel keeps taking up space as you add more items (the reason we added a scrollbar), whereas a DockPanel tries to constrain all its content in the available space. Figure 4.20 shows what happens when we take some of the content from the example StackPanel and put it into a DockPanel, but with everything docked to the top. Notice that the Sixth button has been expanded to fill the remaining available space. By Figure 4.20 By default, a DockPanel default, the last control always takes up all the tries to use up the available space. remaining space, although you could change that behavior by setting the LastChildFill property:
// // // PredictionCell.h
NOTE: In order to run the code, you will need to have a password and username. You have two options here: 1) Acquire your own or 2) Download any of these 3 apps, which are essentially the same.
WMI tends to store date and time information in difficult-to-use strings. For example,
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