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Working with the Google or Exchange Calendar on Your iPad
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A Simple Example
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Using the move Command
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As you can see in Figure 2-5, the .dmg file will be mounted as a volume named Xcode Tools. Click Xcode Tools, and double-click the icon labeled XcodeTools.mpkg. XcodeTools.mpkg is the actual installer.
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Building a cleaner application Using the Application object Lots of spiffy transitions Getting as close to a James-Bond-like life as we re ever likely to
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Figure 21 8. Saving an image from a web site.
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Many languages have a Boolean type, which is, of course, a fancy term for variables that store true and false values. Objective-C is no exception. C has a Boolean data type, bool, which can take on the values true and false. Objective-C provides a similar type, BOOL, which can have the values YES and NO. Objective-C s BOOL type, incidentally, predates C s bool type by over a decade. The two different Boolean types can coexist in the same program, but when you re writing Cocoa code, you ll be using BOOL.
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Table 3.5 The parameters of the onLoad event handler Description A handle to the Silverlight plug-in itself A value specified to distinguish the plug-in instance; this value is provided by a developer The root element of the content loaded into the plug-in
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The first time you bring this nib file to the front after making the changes described in the last section, you may notice a small yellow triangle at the bottom of the main nib window. This warning triangle turns up whenever inconsistencies arise that Interface Builder can t resolve without your help. Click the warning triangle to show what the problems are. In this case, Interface Builder has noticed that its internal idea about DungeonThingAppDelegate no longer matches the reality described in the header file: The nib file contains connections for outlets that no longer exist! To resolve these problems, select DungeonThingAppDelegate in the main nib window, then bring up the Connections Inspector ( 5). At the top of the Inspector, you ll see all the current outlet connections, including the ones for the missing outlets (each of them marked with an exclamation point). Eliminate the bad connections by clicking the small X control on each of them. Figure 6 11 shows all the parts you ll see while fixing this.
Caution While a message sent to nil does nothing, this does not exclude side effects of parameters.
As a cluster-aware application, a SQL Server instance can be installed into an existing Windows cluster, creating what s referred to as a failover clustering instance. Once installed, the instance is accessed using a network name (aka virtual server name) without needing to know which of the underlying physical cluster servers the instance is currently running on. The abstraction between a physical and a virtual server is a key component in providing continued database availability after a failure event. In the event of a server failure, the SQL Server instance automatically moves, or fails over, to another cluster server, while continuing to be accessed using the same virtual server name. In this section, we ll take a high-level look at clustering architecture, including its benefits, limitations, and common usage scenarios.
1. Map a location on the map, or use the blue dot for your current location. Tap the search window. Let s say you want to search for the closest pizza restaurants, so you type pizza.
folders to the web site in which you would like to install the certificate. For our example, you will be installing your new certificate to the Default Web Site. Right-click your web site and select Properties to view its Properties dialog box. On the Directory Security tab, click the Server Certificate button to launch the Web Server
43 How to optimize tempdb performance
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