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Public Class UpdateBySPExample Public Shared Function whereCondition(ByVal r As Role) As Boolean Return r.ID = 1 End Function Sub Listing2_18() Dim people = New PeopleDataContext() Dim predicateDelegate As New Func(Of Role, Boolean)(AddressOf whereCondition)
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bool int isPrime; startingPoint, candidate, last, i;
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A timer job is a task that is asynchronously executed by the SharePoint Timer Service. Creating timer jobs is a great way to schedule repetitive jobs or long-running operations. The timer job can be set to run on all servers or only on specific servers.
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And, now that we have the necessary object, we can finally call the WMI method to shut down the calculator process.
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A process can also tell the scheduler that it should run only on certain processors. This keeps the process on the processors where it is allowed to execute. This is called processor affinity. It is possible to change a process s processor affinity using the System.Diagnostics.Process class. Using the static/shared method on the Process class called GetCurrentProcess retrieves a reference to the current process. We can then change the ProcessorAffinity property to indicate the desired Figure 5.13 Bitmask affinity. ProcessorAffinity is a pointer to a 32-bit value example integer. It contains a bitmask on which processors a process can execute. The low-order bit corresponds to the first processor in the machine, CPU 0. The high-order bit matches the last processor that can be installed in the machine, which under 32-bit Windows is 32. In figure 5.13 we can infer that the machine has at least three processors and that the process can execute on CPU 1 and CPU 2 but not on CPU 0. DIGGING DEEPER INTO THREAD CONTROL 89
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script, because you re suppressing all error messages. Instead, if you want to suppress error messages from a particular cmdlet, it s best to do so just for that cmdlet, not for the entire script.
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If you know you are going to be out of wireless coverage for a while, such as on an airplane or in the subway, you will want to download the content for later, offline viewing or listening. Tap the Free button to change it to a Download button, and then tap it again. You can then monitor the download progress (some larger videos may take ten minutes or more to complete) by tapping the Downloads button at the bottom right of the screen. When the download is complete, the item will show up in the correct area in your iPod 4 app. NOTE: Any file larger than 20MB cannot be downloaded over the 3G network; you must use Wi-Fi for larger files.
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<Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition Height="*" /> <RowDefinition Height="20" /> </Grid.RowDefinitions>
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XQuery doesn t process your XML in its textual form. Querying the text of your XML documents would have negative results, including the following: Storing the plain text of your XML documents would be inefficient. Querying the textual content of your XML documents would degrade performance, in many cases severely. Querying that relies on the raw textual representation of your XML documents would be inflexible, because you couldn t assign data types to your XML document content. In order to accommodate more efficient storage and querying, and to increase flexibility, XQuery converts your raw textual XML data to a format known as the XQuery/ XPath Data Model (XDM). XDM relies on a tree-like representation of your textual XML document. Consider the XML content in listing 3.
21.2.3 Syndicate your logs
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To delete an entry, tap the red circle to the left of the entry to make it turn vertical. Then tap the Delete button. When you are done reordering and deleting entries, tap the Done button in the upper left corner.
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