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Figure 9.4 The evolution of network computers, clockwise from upper left: Sun s Network Computer, Apple s eMate, Microsoft s Tablet PC, Apple s iPad, and the current generation of netbook
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How to Hard-Reset Your iPhone
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To move a song up or down in a playlist: 1. 2. 3. 4. Touch the Edit button as you did above. Touch and hold the three gray bars to the right of the song. Drag the song up or down and then let go. When you're all finished, just touch the Done button and your playlist will be set.
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Truth tables are part of a branch of mathematics known as Boolean algebra, named for George Boole, the man who developed it in the late 1830s. The term Boolean has come to mean a variable that can take one of two values. Bits are Boolean; they can take on the value 0 or 1.
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Change Data Capture
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PixelDlg form, set the Icon property
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Now we want to begin the process of creating the pieces of code that define the extent to which the users touches affect the images and other interface parameters. To do this, we override various methods whose names literally start with the term touches. These touches methods are called into action whenever a user touches the device, moves a touch, or stops touching the device. The four reversal methods we will add are these:
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App Store Ch. 20
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