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If you don t have iTunes version 9.1 or later, click the iTunes link to download it.
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@interface SWChessBoard : NSView { ChessPiece *piece[32]; } @end // SWChessBoard
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Extracts the path that the symbolic link file refers to.
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NOTE: In order to fit the confines of the book format while still showing valid code, we ve wrapped some of these lines by putting a backslash as the very last character of a line, which makes the C preprocessor just tack on the content of the next line, as if it were all on the same line to begin with. Feel free to omit this manual wrapping in your own code, making each of those #defines into a one-line declaration.
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Provider Connections
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Notes: The switch statement allows you to select alternatives based on a set of clauses. It combines features of both the conditional and looping constructs. An example of a switch statement looks like
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Bridging the scripting and managed code worlds
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'VB.Net Option Strict Off Option Explicit On Imports Imports Imports Imports Imports Imports System System.ComponentModel System.Diagnostics System.Web.Services System.Web.Services.Protocols System.Xml.Serialization
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questions that you need to ask yourself: Is this an intranet or Internet-oriented application While both access options can be used with intranet-oriented applications, unless you use a custom security extension, Internet reporting in most cases will require requesting reports by SOAP. Can the Report Server be accessed directly by the client application If the answer is no (for security, or other reasons), then SOAP is the only choice. Does the report request need to be validated before it is handed out to the Report Server If business rules need to be validated before the report request is authorized, SOAP may be the better choice. How will the report parameters be handled If the HTML Viewer fits the bill, it would be na ve not to take advantage of URL access. In general, we recommend that you evaluate URL access first and only if it doesn t meet your integration requirements should you settle on Web service access. As you ve seen in this chapter, there are good reasons to keep things simple, and simplicity is the biggest strength of URL access. Let s enumerate the pros and cons of each option in more detail to help you with the decision-making process. 9.4.1 Evaluating URL access In general, URL access is best suited for interactive, intranet-oriented applications where the report request can originate on the client side of the application. Pros of URL access Simplicity Compared to requesting reports by SOAP, URL access is far easier. There are no post-processing steps required to render the report payload. The browser handles report sessions automatically. In case of HTML reports, you don t have to worry about downloading the image files. Taking care of the report images and charts could be a hassle, especially for Internet-based reports, as we will discuss in chapter 11. Relatively easy to integrate with client applications Due to the venerable history of the HTTP protocol, most development tools and platforms can handle HTTP-GET requests and responses. No client footprint Usually, there will be nothing that you need to install to integrate a client application with RS by URL. It could be as easy as embedding the report s URL in a hyperlink. For example, you can have a SharePoint Web part that references a report by URL. Interactive features You can leverage URL access to provide a rich user experience by adding interactive features to your reports, such as drilldown, toggled 332
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Behavior<T> has two main methods you must override in your implementation. The first is OnAttached. OnAttached is called when the behavior is attached to an element of type T. That element is referenced by the AssociatedObject property. The second method is OnDetaching. This method allows you to perform any cleanup, such as removing event handlers. Listing 22.14 shows our behavior attached to a button. This behavior will display a MessageBox whenever the button is clicked. We ll use the same FluidMoveBehavior XAML as the previous section and attach this behavior to the Start button.
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In this book, we ll write tests that verify LogAn s parsing, event-recognition, and notification abilities. Before we get started testing our project, though, we ll look at how to write a unit test with NUnit. The first step is installing it.
Publishing with Atom
Hashtable employees = new Hashtable(Employee.HashByName, Employee.SortByName); employees.Add(herb, "414 Evergreen Terrace"); employees.Add(george, "2335 Elm Street"); employees.Add(frank, "18 Pine Bluff Road"); Employee herbClone = new Employee("Herb", 000); string address = (string) employees[herbClone]; Console.WriteLine("{0} lives at {1}", herbClone, address); } } You should use this technique sparingly. It s often simpler to expose a value, such as the employee name as a property, and allow that to be used as a hash key instead.
Web Part properties
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