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Using regular expressions to improve the function of Split() doesn t really demonstrate their power. The following example uses regular expressions to parse an IIS log file. That log file looks something like this: #Software: Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0 #Version: 1.0 #Date: 1999-12-31 00:01:22 #Fields: time c-ip cs-method cs-uri-stem sc-status 00:01:31 GET /Default.htm 304 00:02:55 GET /docs/project/overview.htm 200 The following code will parse this into a more useful form: // file=logparse.cs // compile with: csc logparse.cs using System; using System.Net; using System.IO; using System.Text.RegularExpressions; using System.Collections; class Test { public static void Main(string[] args) { if (args.Length == 0) //we need a file to parse { Console.WriteLine("No log file specified."); } else ParseLogFile(args[0]); }
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Format tab or right-click the Web Part and select Properties. The resulting dialog box is just a web page that reads the Editor Parts of the Web Part and shows exactly the same interface as you have in the web interface. If you have properties that aren t accessible using the web browser or advanced properties that have no default web interface, such as arrays and complex types, you can use SharePoint Designer to set those properties. For example, if you have a property of your Web Part that s an array of strings, this property won t get a default property editing interface. Using SharePoint Designer, you can still change these complex properties by selecting the Web Part and then choosing View > Task Panes > Tag Properties in the Ribbon. This will display a task pane in SharePoint Designer that lets you edit all properties publicly exposed by the underlying .NET Web Part class. If you d like to provide an interface for editing complex Web Parts in the web interface, you need to create your own custom Editor Part; read more about them in chapter 5. examples source code barcode generator
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Wait-Job 141 WarningPreference configuration variable 189 warnings, producing 189 watching variables 262 web resources 290 Web Services for Management (WS-MAN) 107 WebAdministration 289 -whatif parameter 46, 57, 237 Where-Object 100, 102 instead of ForEach-Object 287 operation of 103 While keyword 221 Wide lists 91 -wildcard parameter of Switch 224 wildcards in Help system 25
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Tests are grouped in public classes called fixtures. NUnit uses attributes to identify them; this is why this class is decorated with the attribute [TestFixture]. Tests are methods marked using [Test]. Note that these methods must be public and must take no parameters. The first test makes sure there is a property called Name in the class User and that it keeps the value you assign to it. You use a random value to prove that the name is stored correctly. The actual test is done using Assert.AreEqual(...); the Assert class belongs to NUnit and provides a wide range of methods for testing.
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Listin g 13-7. DO Connection Through Mach Ports
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We ll discuss debugging inside the Xcode text editor. You should definitely play around with the other debugging modes if you want to learn more.
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Memory configuration
Recents Tap to view Call Logs of placed, received and missed calls. Keypad Tap to dial numbers using the keypad.
Focus on major standard query operators
In 4, you learned a bit about some of Cocoa s most common GUI components, from buttons and simple input fields to full-fledged text editors. We haven t yet talked about one of Cocoa s biggest, most complex view classes, NSTableView. In this chapter, you ll learn how to use an NSTableView to display data for whole collection of components, how to respond when the user changes the table s selection by clicking a row, and how to edit values right in the table. You ll learn how to use a table view by extending the VillainTracker application from 4. The new version of VillainTracker we create in this chapter will maintain an array of villains, display them all in a table, and let the user edit all the attributes of the selected villain when they click on its entry in the table. We ll start by using Xcode to extend the AppController class s interface to include an array of villains, some new outlets for connecting to the new table view and the window itself, and action methods for adding and deleting villains. Then we ll prepare the GUI layout in Interface Builder, and then we ll go back to Xcode to implement the changes to our controller s implementation for handling the table. Figure 5-1 shows you the end-result we re shooting for.
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