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One of the AppleScript improvements OS X 10.3 provided was a major update of Script Editor; it has many nice new features that are covered throughout the book. It has a customizable Aqua toolbar that gives you access to the main features and easy access to results, the event log, and their respective histories.
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CHAPTER 7: Core Data Basics
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Then, touch the General tab in the left column.
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Adding trace code
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Going back to Listing 6 11, notice the for loop. This is where it gets complicated. The CCAnimation class must be initialized with an NSArray containing CCSpriteFrame objects. A sprite frame consists only of a reference to a texture, a rectangle that defines the area of the texture that should be drawn, and a position offset where that rectangle is positioned within the texture. I want the whole image to be displayed in this case, so the offset is zero and the texture rectangle equals the texture s contentSize property in other words, the size of the actual image contained in the texture. Now, the CCSpriteFrame unfortunately doesn t take an image file name as input, it only accepts existing CCTexture2D objects. The texture is created using the CCTextureCache singleton s addImage method, normally used to preload images as textures into memory without having to create a CCSprite or other object. The file name is constructed using NSString s stringWithFormat method, which allowed me to use the loop variable i to be appended to the file name, instead of having to write out all five file names.
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Lazy initialization is a useful design pattern for both global and instance variables. It optimizes performance by constructing only the information that s actually needed, and defers optional and ancillary calculations to a more appropriate time. Objective-C s lack of static initialization statements can be largely overcome by employing the +initialize class method to programmatically construct any global variables the class needs to function.
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The Add Profile page in the Shared Services Provider
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Advanced LINQ to SQL features
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Dynamic resources Much of the time, when you set the value of a property, you re done. The background is going to be blue, so you set the background to blue. But there are times when it isn t a one-off thing. For example, suppose you want to set the background based on a user preference. In yon olden days, when the user changed the preference, the fastidious programmer would write code to step through all the UI and update the value, or destroy the UI elements and re-create them with the new color.3 To plan for a lot of such changes, you might build some sort of dictionary for looking up colors. You could then update the dictionary and tell all the UI elements to redraw themselves, causing them to look up the new color. Because all the built-in elements wouldn t know about your dictionary, you d have to build support code to pass on values, and you d have to make sure that every color that might change was appropriately redirected. Quite a bit of work.
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The BeginPrint and EndPrint methods may be used for status reporting or for doing document build-up and tear-down. Unlike the PrintPage event, their event arguments don t contain any actionable information. It s not essential to wire them up, but you ll find that a complete printing solution typically requires one or both of them. One event that s not optional is the PrintPage event.
Figure 35-4. Browsing for a directory to scan The following is the code to display and use FolderBrowserDialog: FolderBrowserDialog dialog = new FolderBrowserDialog(); dialog.ShowNewFolderButton = false; if (dialog.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) { directoryNodeBaseline = null; rootDirectory = dialog.SelectedPath; DoTree(); } This code has a slight problem, however. If the root directory c:\ is entered, it will take the code quite a while to fetch all the information, and the program will appear to hang. That s bad.
Note: Of course, the Windows keyboard shortcut Alt-F4 can always be used to close the application. There is no need to add this keystroke to our menu as it is imposed by the operating system.
We ll discuss a few implementation areas of Step Reports in more detail in the next few sections. Retrieving the report list
Statement Description add i sub i reset print Adds integer i to value on top of stack, and leaves the result on the stack in its place Subtracts integer i from value on top of stack, and leaves the result on the stack in its place Sets value on top of stack to zero Writes value on top of stack to the console
In C#, the first element of an array is always index 0; also, there s no way to set upper or lower bounds and no way to redim an array. However, an ArrayList in the System.Collection namespace does allow resizing. The System.Collection namespace also contains many other useful collection classes.
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