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About continuous integration
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Table A.2
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CHAPTER 11: Isometric Tilemaps
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Listing 11.2 Binding an Emoticon object to a Grid XAML: create free data matrix bar code
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Scripting Remote Macs over IP
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printf( "Hello, World!\n" );
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The HTTP client program takes an optional user s name as a parameter and builds a URL to invoke the service s Greet method. It uses the built-in System.Net.WebRequest class to invoke the HTTP request and the System.Net.WebResponse to retrieve the result which is, as we saw in figure 6.4, an XML document. Then it displays the text of the root document element which, in this case, is the greeting string returned by HelloService1. Compiling and executing this client produces the output shown in figure 6.5. Although this client is perfectly useful in its current form, there are better ways to build a client to interact with a Web service, as we ll see soon. First, we take a look at WSDL which is an XML language for describing Web services.
The following sections describe some other objects of interest, starting with the Hatch object.
Result The Properties window appears with the properties for the
For many people, especially those who don t use notes, this was the most natural way to view the presentation. To them, this wasn t Highlighter mode, it was Slide View mode, and why on earth couldn t you change slides Doh. Well, we wanted to support slide changes. But how Swiping from side to side didn t seem like an option, because placing your finger on the slide would trigger the highlighter, which was the original purpose of the view after all. Buttons were also out, because they d reduce the already-limited space for displaying the slide, reducing not only its readability but also the accuracy of the highlighter. The solution we turned to was multitouch. By using gestures for control, we could add more functions without needing to take up screen space. The downside is that cramming gestures into an interface can make it fiddly, and discerning between gestures can be difficult, which may lead to accidental commands that fail the principle of least embarrassment. Fortunately, our needs matched quite well with gesture control. Resizing the highlighter, for instance, naturally lends itself to a pinch/unpinch gesture. In fact, we arrange for the highlighter to fit between the user s fingers, wherever the fingers are placed, which offers direct and intuitive control, as well as providing Kids in the Hall fans with I m crushing your head! flashbacks as a bonus. The gestures/events we needed to handle follow: Swiping left and right between slides Activating and moving the highlighter Resizing the highlighter Dismissing the highlighter We also wanted to avoid toggling modes on and off, because in a stressful situation, it s all too easy to toggle one time too many and start flailing around because the application is in the wrong mode. We actually tried a number of options (some still available from the Settings, for those who prefer them), but the solution we found to be the best is this: Single-finger swipe to control slides Two-finger tap to show the highlighter Two-finger pinch/unpinch to resize the highlighter Single-finger tap to hide the highlighter This interface is actually quite simple to implement, but through trying various combinations, we developed a number of techniques for interpreting gestures.
IoC (Inversion Of Control) containers can be used to improve the architectural qualities of an object-oriented system by reducing the mechanical costs of good design techniques (such as using constructor parameters, managing object lifetimes, and so on). Containers can enable looser coupling between classes and their dependencies, improve the testability of a class structure, and provide generic flexibility mechanisms. Used judiciously, containers can greatly enhance the opportunities for code reuse by minimizing direct coupling between classes and configuration mechanisms (such as by using interfaces).
Changing an Object s Color Properties
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