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BrowserInformation browserInfo = HtmlPage.BrowserInformation; HtmlWindow window = HtmlPage.Window; window.Alert(browserInfo.Name);
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NOTE: This code is based on code from Charles Nicholson s blog. You can read the full article (with even more suggestions for custom asserts) at Fantastic! Now you have a custom assert that can be compiled out in your final build! Very handy! You can use it like this:
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CHAPTER 16: Maps
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16.5 Resource Governor in action
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This method exposes only those instances that can be referenced by the SqlClient .NET data provider. This means that only SQL Server instances are shown; Reporting Services, Analysis Services, and other related services are not included.
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The NSFormatter class is the abstract base class for objects used to convert value objects into strings and vice versa. Don t confuse it with the java.util.Formatter class. Java s Formatter is where the formatting logic described in the previous section is implemented. Cocoa s NSFormatter class defines an abstract interface for creating formatter objects. NSFormatter objects perform the conversion between what the user sees and types and (potentially) complex values such as currency, calendar dates, and clock times. NSFormatter objects are intended to encapsulate features such as normalization, localization, and user display preferences transformations too complex for simple format specifiers. They can be used in isolation or attached to certain view objects, where they are invoked automatically to translate between the data model and the view. The Cocoa framework provides two concrete implementations: NSNumberFormatter and NSDateFormatter. If you have the need, you can subclass NSFormatter and create your own. Significant changes have been made to some NSFormatter classes over the years. For backwards compatibility, these classes may exhibit legacy behavior unless configured otherwise. Review the NSFormatter behavior for your programming environment. For the best experience, use the modern behavior when available. If this is not the default, Listing 8-7 shows how to set the modern behavior before you begin using them.
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CHAPTER 3: Audio Streaming: An Exploration into Core Audio
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Keep all your icons in order with the new Folders.
PS (1) > 0x10 16 PS (2) > 0x55 85 PS (3) > 0x123456789abcdef 81985529216486895 PS (4) > 0xDeadBeef -559038737
This approach works nicely for synthetic identifiers, but it breaks down in the case of keys assigned by the application, including composite keys in legacy systems. We discuss this issue in section 10.2. Avoid application-assigned (and composite) keys in new applications if possible (this is important for non-versioned entities).
The iPhone lets you create unique playlists that can be edited and synced with your computer. Let s say you want to add a new selection of music to your iPhone playlist. Just create the playlist as we show below and add songs. You can change the playlist whenever you want, removing old songs and adding new ones it couldn t be easier!
PS (1) > $ExecutionContext.InvokeCommand | gm TypeName: System.Management.Automation.CommandInvocationIntri nsics Name ---Equals ExpandString GetHashCode GetType MemberType ---------Method Method Method Method Definition ---------System.Boolean Equals(Object obj) System.String ExpandString(String s... System.Int32 GetHashCode() System.Type GetType()
Sometimes you have a good idea of what you want, but you are unsure where it is located or perhaps you don t feel like browsing or navigating all the menus. The Search tool is for you.
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