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The Silverlight application model Creating the Silverlight plug-in control in the browser
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The functionality of a reusable control is also known as the control s behavior. This behavior is defined in the code-behind file of the XAML file, which will contain a class that derives from the UserControl class. It s your responsibility to make sure this class provides the events, methods, and properties that detail the behavior of the control. Look at the code for the LockableTextBox control shown in listing 10.13. This listing uses a DependencyProperty, which was covered in chapter 2.
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PS (12) > $s = [string]::join(" ", $s) PS (13) > $s.length 17308
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Table 2 shows the results from the query.
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If both the Build and the Deploy options are on, VS .NET will build and redeploy all reports inside your BI project before the report is loaded in the Preview window. This could take a substantial amount of time. Once the reports are uploaded to the report catalog, you typically don t want to rebuild and redeploy them each time you press F5. To skip these two steps and get to the Preview window faster, clear the Build and Deploy check boxes.
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To see a practical application, we will build a scaled-down OLAP-based solution to address the reporting needs of the Adventure Works business analysts. Powered with the Adventure Works Data Miner, our users will be able to analyze data from different angles for discovering trends and decision-making purposes.
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string concatenation, 122 subtraction, 122 unary minus, 121 unary plus, 121 array parameters, overloading, 58 60 Array class, 293 294 arrays, 42 45 conversions, 143 144 default size, 139 description, 139 initialization, 139 jagged, 139, 141 142 jagged or multidimensional, 15 multidimensional, 139 140 rectangular, 140 reference types, 142 143 Reverse function, 144 sorting and searching functions, 144 System.Array type, 144 as operator and interfaces, 88 89 assemblies, listing types in, 465 466 Assembly.LoadFrom( ) deployment, 444 asserts, 474 475 assignment operators, 125 compound assignment, 125 simple assignment, 125 asynchronous operations and threading, 315 340 asynchronous calls, 331 example showing BeginInvoke( ), EndInvoke( ) functions, 333 334 using delegates for multithreading, 332 attributes, 17, 202 designing, 211 212 finding values of, 213 215 multiuse, 210 overview, 207 parameters of, 212 213 and relection, 213 215 using, 208 211 AttributeTargets enumerator, 211
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7.1.1 How ROME works
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name = break; case 62: name = break; case 43: name = break; case 41: name = break; case 35: name = break; case 13: name = break; case 6: name = break; case 2: name = break; case 3: name = break; case 15: name = break; case 19: name = break; case 46: name = break; case 22: name = break; case 85: name = break; case 58: name = break; case 24: name = break; default: name =
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As we can see, the Paste XML as LINQ add-in converted the XHTML into a single functional construction statement that creates each item contained within the XML. While the XML isn t perfect, it provides a good starting point. When transforming XML, you may often find it beneficial to start with the end in mind and work your way backward. Now that we have a template for the XHTML we want to produce, we can incorporate LINQ to XML queries and take advantage of the rich support for embedding query expressions within functional construction statements. Before incorporating our query expressions with the functional construction statements, lets write a query to retrieve the data out of our XML. See listing 10.24.
The GetRemoteFile Method
class PreProc { public static void Main() { System.Console.Write("Hello. What's your name "); string nm = System.Console.ReadLine(); #if DEBUG System.Console.WriteLine("user entered " + nm); #endif if (nm.Equals("")) nm = "Stranger"; System.Console.WriteLine("Hello, " + nm + "!"); } }
Although in many situations leaving the run handler implicit (not actually wrapping the top-level statements with on run...end run) is OK, sometimes you ll want to explicitly identify the run handler. The one time when you are required to specify the run handler explicitly is when you want to pass parameters to it, like in the following script: on run {value1, value2, etc...} ... end run You would run the previous script with this call: run script the_script with parameters {value1, value2, etc...} For better readability, you could add the run handler when the script has some other unusual execution method. For instance, if the script is a droplet application, it will have another unique handler called the on open handler. This handler will be executed when a file is dropped on the script application. Although for the most part the user will utilize the script by dropping a file on it, you may want to have some code in the run handler that will execute if someone double-clicks the droplet application. Script 18-1 defines both the run handler and the open handler in the same script. If you drop a file on the script application, it will show you the file s type, as defined in the open handler, and if you double-click the script application, you will get instructions, as defined in the run handler. Script 18-1. on open a_list_of_aliases set the_item to item 1 of a_list_of_aliases set the_item_type to file type of (info for the_item) display dialog "You dropped a file of type \"" & the_item_type & "\"" buttons {"OK"} default button 1 end open on run display dialog "Drop something on me and I'll tell you what type it is!" buttons {"OK"} default button 1 with icon note end run I will discuss the open handler in the 24, which covers droplets.
ADMIN: to the beginning of the server name in your connection dialog box, as dis-
I ve already shown you how to easily determine if an object implements a specific method. Using the functions in Table 10-6 you can obtain a list of all of the methods a class implements. From a Method value you can get a method s name, selector, implementation address, and parameter information. Table 10-6. Common Method Introspection Functions
Pattern/action clauses. All matching clauses are executed. The default clause is executed only if there are no other matches.
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