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Keyboard shortcuts defined in the Customize window in Query Analyzer
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<StoredProcedure(Name:="uspGetRoleDescription")> _ Public Function UspGetRoleDescription( _ <Parameter(DbType:="VarChar(50)")> ByVal description As String) _ As StoredProcedureResult(Of Role) Return MyBase.ExecuteStoredProcedure(Of Role)(MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod, _ description) End Function
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user from editing a TextBox. These basic members of a TextBox are useful, but the multiline and text selection features are perhaps even more interesting.
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Data Type
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The first thing I always do when Xcode creates files with names like this is give the files better names. I renamed the Locations.xcdatamodel file to Locations01.xcdatamodel and renamed Locations 2.xcdatamodel to Locations02.xcdatamodel. You know, over the years, if you count up all the bugs in Xcode that were triggered by a space in a path or a resource name, there are just too many to count. Really, life is too short to take risks like that. After you rename these files, take a moment to build and run the application. It should run without an error. But remember, you still have not made any changes to the schema. Before you do make any changes, select the Locations02.xcdatamodel file in Xcode, and select Design Data Model Set Current Version. The green check mark moves to the second file, and now you can make changes to this second file. For example, you can add a whatever attribute of type String, and then you would see the whatever attribute in the application and could even assign a value to it. Well, I m sure glad that s over! Actually, let s not get too excited. Make sure you do not run your application yet, because you are not finished making changes. You might want to take this opportunity to see what kinds of changes you can make to your schema and what kinds of things will cause problems. While you are developing your application and running it to debug something and then making changes and running it again, there are definitely ways to cause yourself a problem. If you experiment with this now, you will probably be able to avoid more problems later. For example, if you create a second schema, set that schema to current, make changes to the second schema and run, you are good. If you switch the current marker back to the first schema, delete the second schema file, and build and run, you will crash. Why The reason this crashes is that it could migrate your schema back from the second version to the first, but you deleted the second version. So, no migration is possible. Stop and think about this to make sure it makes sense to you. You need to get rid of the second schema version, but do not delete it until you set the current marker back to the first version and run the app. After you run the app successfully, then you can delete the second version of the schema. For the automatic migration to work, both the from and the to models have to exist in the project. And if you have run with the second version of the schema, do not just make other changes to it. Otherwise, you will back in the same place I was with my first change. If you are iteratively making changes to the second version of the schema, you need to do things in a particular order. You can create your second version, make a change, and build and run the application. If you want to make another change to your second version, you need to switch back to the first version, build and run the application again, and only then you will be able to switch the current marker back to the second version and make any other change to that second version without causing a crash.
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Expressions add dynamic functionality to SSIS packages using a simple syntax based on a subset of the C language. Expression syntax does not include any control of flow (looping, branching, and so on) or data modification capabilities. Each expression evaluates to a single scalar value, and although this can often seem restrictive to developers who are new to SSIS, it allows expressions to be used in a variety of places within a package. How can we use expressions in a package The simplest way is to use property expressions. All containers in SSIS, including tasks and the package itself, have an Expressions property, which is a collection of expressions and the properties to which their values will be assigned. This allows SSIS package developers to specify their own code the expression that is evaluated whenever a property of a built-in or thirdparty component is accessed. How many other development tools let you do that Let s look at an example. Figure 1 shows the properties for an Execute SQL Task configured to execute a DELETE statement. Although this Execute SQL Task is functional, it isn t particularly useful unless the package always needs to delete the order details for [OrderID]=5. This task would be much more useful if it instead deleted whatever order number was current for the package execution. To implement this dynamic behavior, we re going to take two steps. First, we re going to add a new variable, named OrderID, to the package. (If you don t
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var processes = from process in Process.GetProcesses() where process.WorkingSet64 > 20*1024*1024 orderby process.WorkingSet64 descending select new { process.Id, Name=process.ProcessName };
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28.8K 56K DSL Cable modem
Setting the parent/child relationship
Other layout options
Coding the new client Our new client is shown in listing 5.7. We ll be creating three versions of this client, so we ll save this version as helloclientca1.cs.
Searching for Establishments Around Your Location
You ve reached the end of this book. What remains is for us to give you some guidance and advice that will help you get started and master NHibernate. In this appendix, we enumerate the requirements to use NHibernate. Then, we give you a roadmap to progressively master NHibernate and keep yourself up to date. Finally, we encourage you to discover the internals of NHibernate and to contribute to and help improve NHibernate.
In the run() method, we first initialize the XML -RPC version of the blog client library G. Next, we initialize and connect to the POP server mailbox using the configuration parameters mail_username, mail_password, and mail_pop_server H. Now that all of the initialization is done, we get to the heart of the matter. We get a count of the incoming messages available in the mailbox I and we loop through them J, going in reverse order because we will be deleting any messages we post. Inside the message-processing loop, we first get the message 1) . Then, we get the body of the message as a string 1! and wrap it with a string reader 1@ so that we can read it line by line. We read the first line and check to see whether it begins with MailBlogger: 1# . If so, we get the remainder of the first line 1$ and compare it to the codeword specified in the configuration file 1%. If it matches, we read in the remaining lines of the message and put them in the string content 1^ . We then use the blog client library to create a blog entry 1& , set its fields, and post the message to the blog server 1* . We want to make sure that we don t post the message again, so we delete it from the mailbox 1( . Once we finish processing messages, we close the mail server connection 2) , because it is the nice thing to do, and we are done.
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