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Step 8: Edit Credits Page
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This example displays a message if i is less than 5. An if statement can include an else clause which will be executed if the test condition is false:
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Basic Variable Naming Rules
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IList and IComponent
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using System; using System.Diagnostics; class Go { public static void Main() { Console.Write("Hello. What's your name "); string nm = Console.ReadLine(); debug("user entered " + nm); if (nm.Equals("")) nm = "Stranger"; Console.WriteLine("Hello, " + nm + "!"); } [Conditional("DEBUG")] private static void debug(string msg) { Console.WriteLine("DEBUG: " + msg); } }
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There are many ways to add new pages to SharePoint. Your options vary, depending on the type of page you re going to deploy. In chapter 10 you learned how to deploy application pages. In this chapter the focus is on site pages and especially Web Part pages. Although you could use the SharePoint API to add pages using a Feature receiver, the easiest way is to use a declarative approach and deploy the pages using a Module element in a Feature. You do this by creating a new SharePoint project using Visual Studio and adding a new item of the type Module. You can use a sandboxed or a farm solution (more on this later in the chapter). You then remove the sample.txt file that s included in the Module SPI by default. To add the site page, you need to add a new ASPX page to this module. Unfortunately, Visual Studio doesn t offer a project item for site pages. So here are your options:
The following are other points to keep in mind: Structs can use the partial modifier, but enumerations can t. Assemblies form the boundaries of classes, and a partial class can t span multiple assemblies. If one file marks a class as partial, all other declarations of the class must also use the partial modifier. It s legal for each partial class to add features to the class as long as they aren t mutually exclusive. For example, it s a compiler error to define different base types or to have two implementations of the same method. Besides these nonsensical scenarios, the programmer is free to make the job of the maintenance programmer as difficult or easy as possible. The following code will compile and run without any errors: //in file1.cs partial class MyPartialClass : MyBase { public void Dispose() { } } //in file2.cs public class MyBase{} partial class MyPartialClass : IDisposable { } In the interests of comprehensibility and maintainability, code that uses partial types should apply all class modifiers and nominate all base classes and interfaces in a main file and then group all logically similar functionality in a single file. Of course, you should avoid partial classes if they aren t needed, and you shouldn t employ them gratuitously.
Note For more about this dialog box, see Creating, Opening, and Saving Projects, earlier in this chapter.
Touch the Movies or TV Shows buttons on the bottom to browse all the videorelated items (see Figure 19 2).
The let clause wasn t implemented in SQL Server 2005 XQuery, but is available in SQL Server 2008.
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