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Figure 12 1. The PhysicsBox2D example project
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Now you can test your interface, and you should see that the upper boxes hold their positions relative to the upper left corner, while the box containing the text view resizes along with the window. The layout for all our controls and other views is finally complete!
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[RegularExpression("[MmFf]", ErrorMessage="Specify (M)ale or (F)emale, please")] public string Gender { get; set; }
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If the compiler tells you that No overload for method 'EndInvoke' takes 'X' arguments where X is the number of arguments you are attempting to use, it is likely because the parameters of the delegate are not declared as byref or ref. The compiler rightly assumes that it does not have to deal with values being returned if the parameter is not marked as a reference.
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Enter the volume lock code to unlock the volume.
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Cocoa programming
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Everyone has their own set of tools and methodologies to troubleshoot web-based applications, and SharePoint is almost just like any other web application. You can most likely use the tools you re used to, but I d like to highlight a few. When troubleshooting the server-side code, Visual Studio is your primary tool along with the logging techniques we discussed earlier. ASP.NET developers have access to a built-in tracing tool in ASP.NET, and this tool can be used in SharePoint. Even though Visual Studio 2010 is great for debugging JavaScript, there are alternatives such as the built-in tools in Internet Explorer or the Firebug extensions to Firefox. These tools, in combination with web proxy tools like Fiddler, can prove valuable when you re troubleshooting JavaScripts or when you need to inspect what s sent to SharePoint and what s sent back.
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Figure 7.8 shows the logical flow of the example using a synchronized queue. Think of synchronized objects as intersections with yield signs. Only one thread at a time can go through the intersection. If no other threads are present, there is no need to stop. The threads only need to stop when some other thread is accessing the object. When the thread is yielding, it goes to the WaitSleepJoin state. When accessing collections from multiple threads, synchronized access is a must. Synchronization is not free; there is a very real performance cost. If multiple threads can manipulate a collection, it must be thread-safe. The question is simply do you want a stable program If so, then you must make shared collections thread-safe. The alternative is to redesign the solution so that multiple threads cannot access the collection. Figure 7.9 shows the impact of using synchronized collections. It shows that synchronized queues are at least two and a half times slower enqueuing and dequeuing elements than using the unsynchronized counterparts. This is a small price to pay for thread safety, and if the objects are accessed from multiple threads they must be synchronized. The X-axis represents the number of elements that were queued and then dequeued. The Y-axis represents how many seconds the operation took. The unsynchronized object is consistently two times faster than the synchronized object.
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The Search Core Results Web Part is the web part that actually displays the results from your search. It has many properties that allow you to change the way the results are displayed. Within the Results Display/Views section, you can choose how many results per page you want to display, choose how many sentences to display in the summary, and set the Highest Result page, which defaults to 1,000 results. The Results Query Options section allows you to remove duplicates, enable search stemming, and permit noise words. The most interesting property is Selected Columns, which allows you to change the XSL in order to pick which columns you want to display in the web part. In the next section, we ll explore the Data View properties of the web part and how we can change the results.
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You can use the Web service proxy ItemNamespaceHeaderValue property to retrieve the item s properties by either its identifier (primary key) or path. For some obscure reason, the GetProperties method is the only method available to support the ItemNamespaceHeaderValue proxy property. The rest of the web methods identify catalog items by their path only.
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Here s an example of how you can use these directives: #define DEBUGLOG using System; class Test { public static void Main() { #if DEBUGLOG Console.WriteLine("In Main Debug Enabled"); #else Console.WriteLine("In Main No Debug"); #endif } } #define and #undef must precede any real code in a file; otherwise, an error occurs. For example, you can t write the previous example as follows: // error using System; class Test { #define DEBUGLOG public static void Main() { #if DEBUGLOG Console.WriteLine("In Main Debug Enabled"); #else Console.WriteLine("In Main No Debug"); #endif } } C# also supports the Conditional attribute for controlling function calls based upon preprocessor identifiers; see 39 for more information.
num *= factorial( num - 1 );
Table AdventureWorks.Production.WorkOrder nonclustered index IX_WorkOrder_EndDate
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