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procedures. Explore Presentation mode before editing. Anonymous Access is enabled, so no password is required. Next, log in to the site using an account from the Authors group. Microsoft recommends the following procedure: Navigate to Small Business/Case Studies. Select Blue Yonder Airlines and choose Switch to Edit Site. Examine the Web Author options. Note the restricted rights for the Careers/About Us channel.
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Figure 28-6. Smile opens PDF files in graphic windows, where you can make custom graphics. As you can see in Figure 28-6, the result returned (the value of w) is a graphic window.
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I always knew that SQL databases were generally fast, but what surprised me was just how fast I could execute SQL commands with AppleScript in the middle. It would execute tens of operations per second, which may sound slow in SQL terms but is usually fast enough for AppleScript projects that don t need to access the database that often. library barcode reader
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When the CheckForUpdates call is made, Silverlight looks at the stored origin URI of the .xap file and makes a normal background HTTP request to that location to verify that the latest version is installed. If a new version is available, Silverlight will receive that in the background and programmatically indicate that a new version is available by setting the UpdateAvailable property to true in the returned event arguments class. Unless you prompt the user to shut down and relaunch the application, he ll still be running the old version. It s not until the next run that he ll execute the newly downloaded version. But, when you detect that a new version is available, you can display a dialog to the user and request a restart. If the nature of the application allows it, you can also be more draconian and completely block all of the UI functionality until the user restarts the application. What you can t do is force an application to restart programmatically. A best practice is to gently inform your user (perhaps soothing music and pastel colors will help) that a new version is available and let him restart at his convenience. At the worst, he ll get the new version during the next session. Once you ve decided to take your application out of the browser, one of the capabilities you ll enable is the notification API, introduced in Silverlight 4.
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FileMerge features Let s look at some of the features of the FileMerge program. In addition to comparing files, you can compare and merge all files within two directories. Another useful feature is the Filter option, located in the Preferences dialog box, which enables you to apply a program to the files you are comparing before they are evaluated. Some predefined filters are available or you can write your own. For example, imagine you wish to diff comments from two source files but exclude any code. You can write a program to accomplish this (or better yet, use UNIX commands) and apply it to the files before FileMerge compares the programs. Ancestor files permit FileMerge to intelligently resolve file differences in creating merged versions of files. If two people begin with the same file (a common ancestor) and make independent modification to each version, FileMerge can use the extra information from the ancestor of both files to make better choices when merging the differences. The best way to lean about FileMerge s other features is to fire it up and begin using it in your work.
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In this chapter we explain how you can write your own data access objects, HTTP modules for ASP.NET session management, and various other useful infrastructure-related components. Understanding how to do this is great, but you don t have to write this code yourself. Many people have done this for you already! Existing NHibernate libraries take care of much of the hard work, and include the best practices described here. After reading this section, we encourage you to research some of those libraries, including NHibernate Burrow, Castle ActiveRecord, Rhino Tools, and S#arp Architecture. Even if you decide not to use any of them, you can learn a great deal by browsing the code of these libraries.
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charPtr++; floatPtr++; doublePtr++;
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Sets the text of the label Sets the text of the label
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Listing 5.8 Faking an exception using the LastCall class
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Listing 5.1
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7. 8.
The other way of getting the compiler is as part of Visual Studio .NET. The beta of Visual Studio .NET 2005 is currently available, with the final release scheduled for late 2005. To find out more about getting the .NET SDK or the Visual Studio .NET 2005 beta, please consult this book s page on the Apress Web site at
Fast enumeration was added in Objective-C 2.0. It is a shorthand for( ) loop syntax for enumerating through the objects in a collection. Java has something very similar, called For-Each Loop syntax. Examples of both are shown in Listing 16-6. The use, syntax, and behavior of the two are practically identical.
The DataContext, shown in figure 6.2, lies at the heart of LINQ to SQL and handles the majority of the work. First and foremost, it manages our connection to the database. We instruct the DataContext about the connection string. The DataContext will handle opening and closing the connection for us. As a result, we don t need to worry about abusing our expensive Figure 6.2 Services offered by the DataContext connection external resources. To begin working with the DataContext, create an instance of a DataContext object passing it the connection string for our database.
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Writing and mapping classes
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