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stringBuilder.AppendLine(strCustomerCity); stringBuilder.AppendLine(","); if (strCustomerStateProvince != null) stringBuilder.AppendLine(strCustomerStateProvince); stringBuilder.AppendLine(","); if (strCustomerCountryRegion != null) stringBuilder.AppendLine(strCustomerCountryRegion); stringBuilder.AppendLine(","); if (strCustomerPostalCode != null) stringBuilder.AppendLine(strCustomerPostalCode); strCustomerFullAddress = stringBuilder.ToString(); }
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You can load and subsequently execute your VBA applications in many different ways. This section explains the most common ways.
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It s true that by default the data entities generated by the LINQ to SQL designer or the SqlMetal tool are decorated with LINQ to SQL attributes. If you want attribute-free POCOs2 for your data entity classes, you can use the SqlMetal command-line tool to generate a VB or C# source file and a mapping file, as was described in chapter 7.
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Sharding challenges and problems
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Next, we can invoke the tests we ve written by using a simple Main method run inside a console application in this project, as seen in listing 1.3. The Main method is used here as a simple test runner, which invokes the tests one by one, letting them write out to the console. Because it s an executable, this can be run without human intervention (assuming the tests don t pop up any interactive user dialogs).
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WPF Application
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Hello, Universe
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In this chapter we will work with the persons table shown in listing 1.
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Listing 1-17. GroupJoin in Action
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Project properties with the Output path set to the web application s bin directory
Of course, in an actual implementation it might be good to verify that the value provided to the set call is a real file and does indeed represent a photograph. For our purposes, the Photograph class is tied to a specific file name, so we do not provide a set implementation here. In this case the FileName property is said to be read-only, since the value can be read but not written. Practically, properties permit safe access to a class without the need to expose internal variables or other features. To duplicate the get and set functionality for a file name member in C++, programmers typically provide methods such as SetFileName and GetFileName for this purpose. Properties formalize this concept for C# so that all programs use a standard mechanism for this style access. Since properties are invoked similar to methods, additional calculations can be performed as part of their definition. In the code for the Image property, for example, the Bitmap is created as required before returning it to the user.
[ConnectionProvider("Feed url")] public IUrlConnection SetFeedConnection() { return this; }
// Ensure contents of node are available if (expandNode) node.Expand(); TreeNode node = treeViewMain.SelectedNode; if (node == null) return null;
Power Wrap-Up
Creating views on an object graph in memory
Listing 9.7 Line height for vertical spacing
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