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Renaming or refactoring tests
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Notice how the query is unchanged. Only the object on which we are performing the query is different. The use of an implicitly typed local variable through the var keyword abstracts away the type of the query s result, but it is different for each implementation. With the first implementation, the type of the result is IEnumerable<AmazonBook>. With the second implementation, the type of the result is IQueryable<AmazonBook>. As we already explained, the difference is that IEnumerable<T> represents an enumeration, while IQueryable<T> represents a query. An instance of a type that implements IQueryable<T> contains all the information needed to execute a query. Think of it as a description of what you want done when the query is enumerated. Overview of IQueryable and IQueryProvider Before we move on to the implementation, let s look at how the IQueryable<T> and IQueryProvider interfaces are defined. Here is the declaration of IQueryable<T>:
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The other advantage this approach provides, besides usability, is that when we write PowerShell functions and scripts, we avoid any problems with the enumerators. In fact, the code becomes simpler overall because we don t have to write an explicit loop. PowerShell takes care of all of the details. In summary, if we write PowerShell like PowerShell, it all works. If we write PowerShell like C#, we run into problems because PowerShell is not C#. Using methods that take path names Another thing to keep in mind is that when using any .NET method that takes path names, we must always use full path names. This requirement stems from the fact that PowerShell maintains its own idea of what the current working directory is and this may not be the same as the process current working directory. .NET methods that take paths, on the other hand, always use the process current directory when resolving nonabsolute paths. Let s clarify the current directory question by looking at an example. We ll start PowerShell, and then use the command pwd (which is an alias for Get-Location) to see where we are.
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anagement packs are one of the core components of your MOM infrastructure. Without them, no monitoring would take place, as MOM would not know what to look for. One of the most common mistakes made is the installation of more management packs than are actually required. The more management packs that are installed, the more alerts there are to tune and the more data there is to be collected from the agents. The aim of this chapter is to show you the minimum management pack installation for monitoring your systems, and how you should manage changes and/or introduce new management packs into your MOM environment. It will cover the following areas: Management pack definition Management pack installation best practices Management pack requirements to monitor various Microsoft products The rules assigned to an agent
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Partitioned tables
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Step 8: Edit Credits Page
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Figure 22.8 The relationship between time and value as used by the KeySpline property.
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In this chapter, you ve expanded the old data model, growing it from a single entity on its own to a full complement of entities, interrelated with relationships. You ve also seen how each of those relationships can be expressed in a GUI (for example, using a popup list to choose the remote end of a to-one relationship, and a table view to show all the contents of a to-many relationship), configured, and managed entirely with Cocoa Bindings. Not to beat a dead horse about this visual programming business, but it bears repeating that everything in this chapter was done without a single line of code on our part.
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The Columns section is little bit trickier. Here we need to define dynamic columns for years and months. To achieve this we create two column groups, colYear and colMonth, and set them to be based on the Fields!Date.Value.Year and Format(Fields!Date.Value, "MMM") expressions, respectively. Because the Date field from the report dataset is of type DateTime, you could use the methods and properties of the .NET DateTime structure to retrieve the year and month portions. We also format the month value to show the abbreviated version of the month, for example, Jan for January. Defining static groups To display the actual data (intersected cells for dynamic row and column groups), you define static rows or column groups. You are not restricted to one static group. When you add more than one static group under a given dynamic column, the dynamic header splits to accommodate the new group. To demonstrate this, let s drag and drop both the Sales and NoOrders dataset fields to the matrix region data section, so that users can see the sales dollar amount alongside the number of orders placed per territory segment. To get the expand/collapse magic working, we have to change the visibility for the rowEmployee and colMonth groups. Figure 4.31 shows the visibility settings for the rowEmployee group. These settings make the rowEmployee group invisible initially. Only when the user expands the higher-level Territory group does the Employee group become
An icon taken from an ImageList instance is associated with each item. The primary text associated with each item is called the item label. The ListViewItem class represents a single item in the list. Multiple instances of the ListViewSubItem class represent additional information associated with each item. The ColumnHeader class represents a single column for the list.
How do I preserve whitespace in my XML
CHAPTER 8: Core Data Relationships
The bottom line is that sharding allows your application to do more work. It provides a parallel back-end, which means your application can do more things simultaneously. It can handle higher user loads, particularly when writing data, because there are parallel paths through your system on something that normally throttles performance: database writes. You can load-balance web servers that access shards over different network paths. These paths are processed by separate CPUs that use separate caches of RAM and separate disk I/O paths. The result is that few bottlenecks limit your application s performance. Now, let s look at a real example to substantiate this further.
public static IEntityInstance GetSpecificRecord(string lobSystemInstance, string entityName, object []identifiers) { NamedLobSystemInstanceDictionary sysInstances = ApplicationRegistry.GetLobSystemInstances(); LobSystemInstance instance = sysInstances[lobSystemInstance]; Entity entity = instance.GetEntities()[entityName];
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