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CHAPTER 17: Surfing the Web with Safari
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Click on the information that is correct.
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Listing 5.4 Creating a nonstrict mock
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As Figure 2-12 shows, the SELECT statement built by LINQ contains an inline call to the UDF. That s because we have used the related method within our LINQ query. If we use the method outside a query we will obtain a simple statement like this one:
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Searching for deals on disk drives via Thunderbird
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Figure 10 2. An isometric tilemap in Tiled (Qt) Map Editor
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Figure 4.1 The Mac OS X FileMerge program looks for differences between two files using the UNIX diff command.
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LINQ building blocks
Using distributed objects is kind of like dating; you first have to find a suitable partner before you can begin a conversation. You can use a third-party matchmaking service, or you can do it yourself if you have firsthand knowledge about the other s existence. Java s java.rmi.Naming class performs the role of matchmaker, allowing the server process to publish its existence. For the client, it locates the desired server process and returns a proxy object. Through the proxy object, the client is connected to the server. In Objective-C, NSConnection is the central actor that connects two processes via distributed objects. NSConnection does not, by itself, provide any registration services although it does provide convenience constructers to commonly used ones. To establish a connection between a server and a client, you must create an NSConnection object that uses two unidirectional NSPort objects, or one bidirectional NSPort object. The NSConnection uses the NSPort objects to communicate data and invocation information to the remote process. The general arrangement is shown in Figure 13-1. The solid arrows are object references within the process. The hollow arrows show the direction of data exchanged through some port or socket.
The biggest single mistake I see students make when it comes to debugging is something I call shotgun debugging. It means they see an error, they panic, and they start changing everything they can, without taking the time to verify what was wrong. Take my original example in listing 23.1: I ve used that same example in dozens of classes, and as you know, that example is purposely buggy. When I ask the class to try to fix it, there s almost always one student who spends half an hour checking network connectivity, logging off and logging back on, rebooting the remote computer, and so on, assuming all the while that the script must be fine, and that the problem lies in the infrastructure somewhere. Don t get caught in that trap. When a script or command isn t working the way you think it should, say three things to yourself:
SELECT E.EmployeeID, C.LastName + N', ' + C.FirstName AS EmployeeName, SUM(SOD.UnitPrice * SOD.OrderQty) AS Sales, COUNT(SOH.SalesOrderID) AS NoOrders, DATEPART(yy, SOH.OrderDate) AS Year, DATEPART(m, SOH.OrderDate) AS Month FROM Sales.SalesPerson SP INNER JOIN Sales.SalesOrderHeader SOH ON SP.SalesPersonID = SOH.SalesPersonID INNER JOIN HumanResources.Employee E ON SP.SalesPersonID = E.EmployeeID
That same Connect to Server dialog box allows the user to add the server to the keychain. Adding the server login information to the keychain should not be taken lightly because it will make access to the server much easier from the computer the script ran on. However, if you don t want to have to enter the same login details each time the script is run, then storing this information in the keychain is still far more secure than hardcoding them in your script, which isn t secure at all (not even if the script is saved as run-only). Adding the login information to the keychain can cause other issues, as explained later in the Mounting Volumes and the Keychain Feature section.
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