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In our scenario, polymorphism helps to expand the above example and work with the custom extension objects in this way:
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case ParticleTypeMeteor: system = [CCParticleMeteor node]; break; case ParticleTypeRain: system = [CCParticleRain node]; break; case ParticleTypeSmoke: system = [CCParticleSmoke node]; break; case ParticleTypeSnow: system = [CCParticleSnow node]; break; case ParticleTypeSpiral: system = [CCParticleSpiral node]; break; case ParticleTypeSun: system = [CCParticleSun node]; break; default: // do nothing break; } [self addChild: system z:1 tag:1]; [label setString:NSStringFromClass([system class])]; } -(void) setNextParticleType { particleType++; if (particleType == ParticleTypes_MAX) { particleType = 0; } }
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Listing 12 3. Tracking Down the Source of the Leak Where Are We Using initWithFormat for (int i=2; i < 90; i++) { fibValues[i] = fibValues[i-2] + fibValues[i-1]; NSString *thisFibString; thisFibString = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:@"%lli, ",fibValues[i]]; outputString = [outputString stringByAppendingFormat:@"%@", thisFibString]; }
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[Column(Name="PubDate")] public DateTime PublicationDate { get; set; }
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Right, it s time to run the finished screensaver. You can t actually run or simulate screen savers within Xcode, so there is nothing for it but to install it. First, build the application (use B, or choose the Build Build menu item. All being well you should see the message Build succeeded in the Xcode workspace status bar. Having built it, you need to go and find the built application. In the Finder, locate your project folder, and in that open the build and then Debug folders. You should see your newly created TumblingTeapot.saver file.
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TIP: It s worth mentioning that I ve started using enum values for tags, like LayerTagGameLayer. This has the advantage over using numbers in that you can actually read whose tag it is, instead of having to remember which layer had tag number 7 assigned to it. It also shows that the actual tag values are not important; what s important is that you use the same value consistently for the same node. Using a human-readable tag makes that task easier and less error prone. The same goes for action tags, of course. You may have noticed the variable multiLayerSceneInstance and that it gets self assigned. A bit strange, isn t it What would that be good for If you recall from 3, I explained how to create a singleton class. In this case, I ll turn the MultiLayerScene class into a singleton. See Listing 5 5 and if you want, compare it with Listing 3-1 to spot the differences.
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If the Dataset dialog box does not open as shown in figure 13.6, then click the ellipsis ( ) button to the right of the DataSet selection drop-down list.
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WireFeedOutput out = new WireFeedOutput(); out.output(feed.createWireFeed(feedType), new PrintWriter(System.out));
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Figure 14-2. The script won t compile since the file specified by the alias literal doesn t exist. Now why would AppleScript go to the trouble of checking the file s existence right away The answer is that as soon as AppleScript creates an alias value, it finds the specified file and creates an internal reference to it. This internal reference works in a similar way to alias files in the Finder: the file is remembered even if its name or location has changed. Yes! For as long as the alias value exists in the script, AppleScript will keep track of that file. The only way it will lose track of a file is if the file itself is deleted. All alias values work this way, whether they re created when the script is compiled (as in this example) or while the script is running. This feature makes aliases especially useful in scripts that rename files and folders or move them.
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To produce this output, we ll need to learn a bit about the Element, Attribute, and Elements axis methods. Once we have a good grasp on these three core axis methods, we ll move on to look at a few other axis methods such as Descendants and Ancestors. Let s get started by showing how the Element axis method can be put into action and get us on our way to accomplishing our goal.
C HA P T E R 7 s R E P O RT I N G
'' print info about parent .Prompt objEnt.ObjectName & " : " & objEnt.Name Next intJ .Prompt vbLf End If .Prompt vbCr End With End Sub GetSubEntity throws an exception if the input is null, such as when there is no entity at the picked point or when the user presses Enter without selecting an entity. Figure 7-3 shows the result of picking a line that forms part of a block reference named Window.
Once the expression is evaluated, i has a value of 1. We are now ready to enter the loop. At the top of each pass through the loop, the second expression is evaluated:
You can find this function as embedded code in the Employee Sales Freeform Secured report sample. The IsInRole function calls the WindowsPrincipal.IsInRole method and returns true if the user is a member of the passed role, or false otherwise. 292
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