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Working with Safari Bookmarks
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Server configuration
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if (match.Length != 0) { Console.WriteLine("date: {0} {1}", date, match.Groups["time"]); Console.WriteLine("IP Address: {0}", match.Groups["ip"]); Console.WriteLine("Method: {0}", match.Groups["method"]); Console.WriteLine("Status: {0}", match.Groups["status"]); Console.WriteLine("URI: {0}\n", match.Groups["uri"]); } } f.Close(); } } } The general structure of this code should be familiar. This example has two regular expressions. The date string and the regular expression used to match it are as follows: #Date: 1999-12-31 00:01:22 \:\s( <date>[^\s]+)\s In the code, regular expressions are usually written using the verbatim string syntax, since the regular expression syntax also uses the backslash character. Regular expressions are most easily read if they re broken down into separate elements. The following code matches the colon (:): \: The backslash (\) is required because the colon by itself means something else. The following code matches a single character of whitespace (a tab or space): \s In this next part, the <date> names the value that will be matched so it can be extracted later: ( <date>[^\s]+) The [^\s] is called a character group, with the ^ character meaning none of the following characters. This group therefore matches any nonwhitespace character. Finally, the + character means to match one or more occurrences of the previous description (nonwhitespace). The parentheses delimit how to match the extracted string. In the preceding example, this part of the expression matches 1999-12-31.
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layout 29 OrbitPanel example 704 Row 180 TargetName 639, 648 TargetProperty 639, 648 Triggers 653 attributes Association 494 DataMember 494, 496 Display 304 306 Editable 306 for validation 327 http-request-headers 338 include-subpaths 338 Invoke 475 Key 494 Path 338 Port 338 Property 682 Protocol 338 QueryAttribute 473 Required 496 RequiresRole 509 Resources 677 RoundtripOriginal 494 ScriptableMember 83 ScriptableType 83 StringLength 496 TemplatePart 713 TemplateVisualState 716 uri 338 Value 682 x:Key 672, 683 XmlIgnore 494 Attributes property 586 audio 581 582 balance 582 capturing with video 616 content properties 581 multitrack 581 raw audio 602 607 stereo 582 track count 581 volume 582 AudioStreamCount property 581 AudioStreamIndex property 581 authentication 506 508 definition 506 forms-based 507 requiring 508 Windows 508 authentication credentials 357
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AudioPlayer is the workhorse class that stitches the AudioRequest, AudioFileStream, and AudioQueue together. It s responsible for a lot of choreography but is surprisingly simple
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Because you re going to be creating a lot of new source files, let s go ahead and change the company name to something more reasonable. It can be your own name, your company s name, or something totally made up. First, open the Utilities folder in the Finder. You can use U to navigate directly to it. Look for the Terminal application and run it. In Terminal, enter the following command exactly as it s printed, all on one line, except use your company name instead of .
2.9 Single-user mode
Binding to ADO.NET database objects
Define book variable
Define query
Listing 5.3 Example of using various forms of Sleep (VB.NET)
In this example, the foreach loop iterates over the collection of numbers from 1 to 10. In the body of the loop, the enumerator is used to advance the loop to the next element. It does this by calling the $foreach.MoveNext() method and then retrieving the next value using $foreach.current. This lets you sum up each pair of numbers (1,2), (3,4) and so on as the loop iterates.
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