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processing book "Bonjour mon Amour" in DomainSpecificOperators.Where processing book "Bonjour mon Amour" in DomainSpecificOperators.Select<TResult> Bonjour mon Amour
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Richard Siddaway is a technical infrastructure architect with SCH plc. With more than 20 years of experience in various aspects of IT, Richard is currently concentrating on the Microsoft environment at an architectural level, especially around Active Directory, Exchange, and SQL Server. His initial programming background is still useful, as Richard is an experienced scripter always looking for the opportunity to automate a process. Richard is a PowerShell MVP who founded and currently leads the UK PowerShell User Group. Richard frequently presents on PowerShell at conferences and user groups. He can be contacted via his blog at http:/ /richardsiddaway.spaces.
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Cocoa Document-based Application Same as Cocoa Application, but adds support for the NDDocument architecture. Cocoa-Java Application A Cocoa application using Java as its development language. Cocoa-Java Document-based Application Same as Cocoa-Java Application, but adds support for the NDDocument architecture.
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Figure 1.16 Use the Textbox Properties dialog box to set up format settings.
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Figure 1.2 You can have many failure points in an integration test. All the units have to work together, and each of them could malfunction, making it harder to find the source of the bug.
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Because you ll be storing the NHibernate session in a map, you need a key B to define its location. Because the business logic is responsible for ending the conversation, it needs to call the EndConversationAtTheEndOfTheRequest() method C to set a value in the current context that will be used at the end of the request. The initialization of the module D registers events for the beginning and the end of requests. Note that you aren t using the same events as in listing 11.5 because these let you access the ASP.NET session state. When beginning a new request E, if a conversation is already running, you extract its detached NHibernate session from the ASP.NET session state F. Otherwise G, you start a new conversation by opening a new session. We ll explain why you set its flush mode to never H in the next section. Once you have the NHibernate session of the running conversation, you bind it to the current context I and begin a new transaction. At this point, the conversation is ready to be used anywhere in this web request. When the time comes to end the request J, you detach its NHibernate session from the current context 1). If the value to end the conversation was set 1!, you manually flush the session 1@ to process all the changes made in the conversation, you commit these changes, you close the session, and you then remove the NHibernate session from ASP.NET session state. If the conversation is suspended 1#, you commit the transaction to close its database connection, and you store the session in the ASP.NET session state. This conversation will resume when the next request starts. This implementation isn t complete because the exception-handling part is missing. Refer to the CaveatEmptor source code for an example. Basically, these methods
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BACKUP LOG [AdventureWorks2008] TO DISK = 'G:\SQL Backup\AdventureWorks_20080718_0915_log.bak' RESTORE LOG [AdventureWorks2008] FROM DISK = 'G:\SQL Backup\AdventureWorks_20080718_0915_log.bak' WITH RECOVERY; GO
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execution stage 20, 275 Execution tab 438 ExecutionLog Business Intelligence project 510 ExecutionLog DTS package 306 ExecutionLog table 305, 509, 512 ExecutionTime 166 exploded pie chart type 130 export formats 20, 36, 181 exporting using HTML Viewer 353 exporting reports 181 182 Expression Editor 152 expression errors 156 expression execution order 154 expression scope 154
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public struct PageRef { private int _startPage; private int _endPage; // Declarations of members to manipulate pages }
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Description Returns the last element in a sequence Similar to Last but also returns a default element when the last element in the sequence is not available Returns a sequence s single element that satisfies a condition specified as an argument Similar to Single but also returns a default value when the single element is not found in the sequence Checks whether two sequences are equal Returns an empty sequence for the specified data type Generates a numeric sequence from a range of two numbers Generates a sequence by repeating the provided element a specified number of times Groups the elements of a sequence Performs a grouped join of two sequences based on matching keys Performs an inner join of two sequences based on matching keys
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Listing 7-4. Creating the BARTPredictionLoader Interface
APPENDIX: Coming to Objective-C from Other Languages
Apress.php Sample server program for use with Apress Push Notification Usage: token=DEVICE_TOKEN&cmd=(reg|msg)&(name|msg)=(USERNAME OR MESSAGE) e.g. Register a token: token=1d19fc527407d39bcd1d69deff7a3e7abe569d7a8c7b0c69b0b3d30269c0b8d1&cmd=reg&name=tes t Send a message: token=1d19fc527407d39bcd1d69deff7a3e7abe569d7a8c7b0c69b0b3d30269c0b8d1&cmd=msg&msg=Hell o,%20World!
About MacRoman and Unicode Character Sets
The App Engine development environment consists of these elements:
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