Figure 5-2. Support File Search Path entries in the Options dialog box in Office Word

Incoporate qr-codes in Office Word Figure 5-2. Support File Search Path entries in the Options dialog box

Circular Objects
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Philosophy have I digested, The whole of Law and Medicine, From each its secrets I have wrested, Theology, alas, thrown in. Poor fool, with all this sweated lore, I stand no wiser than I was before.
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CHAPTER 9: Designing Your Own Data Structures
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Make sure the images we re going to use are in the Xcode project, as in Figure 8 5.
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CHAPTER 7: Going the Routesy Way with Core Location, XML, and SQLite
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Write a short name (10 characters or less).
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instead, you ll be able to see the elements without error. Also, for experienced .NET XML and XPath users, there are times when the XML adapter hides properties on an XmlDocument or XmlNode object that the .NET programmer expects to find. In these scenarios, the .PSBase property is the workaround that lets you access the raw .NET object. Finally, some XPath users may get confused by PowerShell s use of the property operator . to navigate an XML document. XPath uses / instead. Despite these issues, for the nonexpert user or for quick and dirty scenarios, the XML adapter provides significant benefit in terms of reducing the complexity of working with XML.
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The simple fork: RSS 2.0
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The Dock, located at the bottom of the screen in Figure 1.2, is a small toolbar that provides a standard, system-supplied location for you to organize commonly
15.1.1 Browser journals
CREATE PROCEDURE usp_VerifyUser @Username varchar(20), @Password varchar(20) AS SELECT UserID FROM Users WHERE Username = @Username AND Password = @Password RETURN
a. Click the Type Here entry on the menu bar, to the right of the existing View menu. b. Enter the name &Edit in this space and press Enter. c. Using the mouse, click on the new Edit menu and drag it left to appear between the File and View menus.
Delivery features Reports hosted under RS can be delivered using on-demand ( pulled ) delivery or subscribed ( pushed ) delivery. The more common scenario is on-demand delivery, where the user requests the report explicitly. As a report author, you don t have to do anything special to web-enable your report because RS does this for you once it is uploaded to the report catalog. The pushed delivery option alone can justify implementing RS. This option gives end users the ability to subscribe to reports, so reports will be sent to them when a certain event is triggered when a timing event triggers, for instance, for report subscriptions based on a schedule. As another example, a financial institution could allow its customers to opt in and subscribe to certain reports of interest, such as a monthly bank statement. Then, at the end of the month, the bank statement report could be generated and sent to users via e-mail. We ll discuss the report-delivery process in more detail in section 1.5. Extensibility features An important characteristic of every enterprise-oriented product, such as RS, is that it has to be easily extendable. Simply put, extensibility relates to the system s ability to accommodate new features that are built out of old ones. One of the things I like most about RS is the extensibility features it includes by virtue of its open and flexible architecture. Developers can easily extend RS by writing .NET code in their preferred .NET language. Specifically, you can extend RS in the following areas: Custom .NET code .NET developers can enhance reports programmatically by writing .NET custom code. 6 demonstrates how you can add forecasting features to your reports by using prepackaged code in the form of .NET assemblies.
WCF RIA Services
I like to think of the Report Manager as two tools, one to view directories and launch selected reports and another to manage the reports and Reporting Services configuration.
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