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and then run it using the call operator.
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This time we don t see any output, as desired. This is a tip to keep in mind when working with .NET classes in functions. 7.3.2 The return statement Now let s talk about the return statement. So far we ve talked about how functions in PowerShell are best described as writing output rather than returning results. So why do we need a return statement Because sometimes you want to exit a function early instead of writing the conditional statements you need to get the flow of control to reach the end. In effect, the return statement is like the break statement we covered in chapter 6 it breaks to the end of the function. It is possible to return a value from a function using the return statement. This looks like
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Apple s command-line development tools
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Starting a new thread in Objective-C is even easier than it is in Java which is saying something, since thread creation in Java is already pretty simple. There are three ways of creating a thread in Objective-C: Create and immediately start a thread executing by sending the message +detachNewThreadSelector:toTarget:withObject:. The message identifies the object and method that contains the thread s code and an optional parameter that will be passed to the thread when it begins execution. Create a new NSThread object using -initWithTarget:selector:object:. This is identical to the first technique, except that the thread is not started. You can customize the thread object before starting it with the -start message. Define your own subclass of NSThread, override the -main method, and create your instance using -init. This is equivalent to subclassing java.lang.Thread and overriding run(). When the object receives the -start message, it creates a new thread and executes its -main method in the new thread.
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Subroutine/function calls Like most programming languages, AppleScript supports function (subroutine) calls. Here is an example of how to use a subroutine call in AppleScript:3
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Error handling in SQL Server and applications
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Sleep is a method on the Thread class that enables the current thread to pause its execution for a period of time. Alternatively, it can be used to yield the remainder of its time to the OS.
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Listing 7.4 XML schema
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Web testing
Finally, all I had left to do was to tweak the lighting parameters (primarily the shininess exponential factor) until I got the desired results. The following code adds a specular color to an OpenGL light:
Because of testing, special access for development tools, and so forth, you should leave web services as they are out of the box and apply the following security techniques to those web services in production.
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Volume Slider
<data:DataGrid x:Name="myDataGrid" AutoGenerateColumns="False"> <data:DataGrid.Columns> <data:DataGridTextColumn Binding="{Binding Name}" Header="Name" SortMemberPath="Name" /> SortMemberPath <data:DataGridTextColumn Binding="{Binding Keys}" Header="Shortcut" SortMemberPath="Keys" /> <data:DataGridTemplateColumn> <data:DataGridTemplateColumn.CellTemplate> <DataTemplate> <Image Source="{Binding Icon}" /> </DataTemplate> </data:DataGridTemplateColumn.CellTemplate> </data:DataGridTemplateColumn> </data:DataGrid.Columns> </data:DataGrid>
To have an entire page read to you in the Notes or iBooks app, you need to simultaneously tap the bottom and top of the block of text on the screen. If you tap in the text with one finger, only a single line is read to you.
The Plot object consists of a number of methods and properties that are used to plot layouts. The Layout object (discussed later in the chapter) holds the plot settings and visual properties of a model-space or paper-space block. You access the Plot object via the Document object using the following syntax: Set PlotObject = DocumentObject.Plot To declare and set a reference to the Plot object for the currently active drawing, you might use this code: Dim objPlot As AcadPlot Set objPlot = ThisDrawing.Plot Through the methods and properties of the Plot object, you can display a plot preview, plot to a plotting device or to a file, and employ batch-mode plotting. A detailed discussion of batch-mode plotting falls outside the scope of this book, but Appendix A covers the relevant properties and methods.
BeginSort is called to start the file-sorting process. It accepts several parameters and returns an instance of an object that implements the IAsyncResult interface. The object that implements IAsyncResult will be passed to the EndSort method to retrieve any information produced by the asynchronous execution.
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