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Deciding What Movement Means
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CHAPTER 2: Go Get the Tools!
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This doesn t mean that object initializers are an alternative to writing good constructors. Object initializers and constructors are language features that complement each other. You should still define the appropriate set of constructors for your types. Constructors help prevent the creation of objects that aren t completely initialized and define the correct initialization order for an object s members. After these syntactic improvements, let s add new functionality to our example. We ll do this with the help of lambda expressions.
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Filtering a Web Part using Web Part connections The ability to connect Web Parts is a powerful feature and can be done using the web interface. A common use is filtering a Web Part based on information in another. Web Parts connections can be used to build mashups that combine information from one or more sources. When you re connecting Web Parts, SharePoint is sending information from one Web Part, called the provider, to another Web Part, called the consumer. In our earlier example, you added the SitePages Web Part to a page. If you d like to filter this library depending on some input from your users, you could add an HTML Form Web Part and let that Web Part send values to the SitePages Web Part. The HTML Form Web Part consists of an editable Web Form that provides an input box and a button by default. To connect the default HTML Form Web Part to the SitePages Web Part, you use the Web Part options menu and select Edit Web Part, just as you do when editing its properties. The options menu will then display a Connections option. Choose Connections > Provide Form Values To > Site Pages and a dialog box will appear, as shown in figure 2.8. You use this dialog box to configure the connection. First, on the Choose Connection tab, select the connection type in this case, Get Filter Values From and
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Although a struct can contain methods, typically structs are used for types that contain just a few data members. Like classes, structs can also be nested. However, unlike a class, a struct may not inherit from another class or struct, nor may it serve as a base class for inheritance purposes.
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Figure 7.19 Trace the Report Manager to Report Server traffic using the SOAP Trace utility.
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Note When writing values to the Value property, no error will be raised if the value could not be set.
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Windows exposes a large number of disk performance counters. You can use the following counters under the LogicalDisk object as the key performance indicators to evaluate disk I/O performance:
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4. Populate the Knowledge Base entry in this rule, as it will be empty, and isn t copied over by default. To populate this field, you have two options: either share knowledge between two rules or simply copy and paste the Knowledge Base entry from the original rule into the company knowledge section of the new rule. 5. Once all rules have been copied over, associate the parent and child rule groups with the correct computer groups. You must match this association with the association of the original rule groups to ensure that the rules are applied to the correct agents. Figure 3-1 shows an example of the configuration rules that you will have modified in the MOM rule group.
Cloud providers costs will be less than 25% of what corporate data centers cost. Already, the cloud providers data center costs are much lower than what corporate data centers spend because the mega centers get huge economies of scale, receive significant tax breaks, and continue to drive down costs each year. These mega data centers may quickly become an if you can t beat them, join them proposition. Intel now says that by 2012 mega data centers will account for 25% of its server chip sales. Dell created a specialized division to address the needs of customers buying more than 2,000 servers at a time and now declares that division as the fourthor fifth-largest server vendor in the world. This also means the big server consumers can profoundly influence Intel (or Dell) design decisions and can negotiate huge volume discounts that no one else can get.
Java try { String prose = "Do nine men interpret "; // Get Method for String.substring(int,int) Class[] paramTypes = { int.class, int.class }; Method method = prose.getClass().getMethod("substring",paramTypes);
Safe Control Entries property 304 Safe Control security rule 178 SafeAgainstScript attribute 178 SafeControl element 178 Sandbox compatible Visual Web Part 60 Sandbox process 71 Sandboxed Code Service 185 186 sandboxed solutions 9 and <script> tag 247 adding images and other resources to 155 and asynchronous operations 230 changing project to be deployed as full-trust solution 289 configuring 186 debugging 209 210 defined 14 deploying and installing 187 enabling Assembly Deployment Target property, 191error handling in 207 208 exception handling in 217 full-trust proxies 187 190 overview 172 173, 184 185 and Silverlight Web Part 284 upgrading 195 sandboxed Web Part 316, 374 sandboxing 9, 14, 60, 89, 185 satellite assemblies resource 158, 165 166 SaveViewState 82 SaveViewState method 82 83, 87, 108 scalability 222 Scale element 261 scaling 223, 260 Schema property 349 scoped monitor 222 scoped performance monitors 213 214
There are many occasions when you need to present data or information in a grid. ASP.NET includes a GridView control that can be connected to a data source. The ASP.NET GridView control can be used in your Web Parts, just like any other ASP.NET control. But, if you use this control in a Web Part, you ll find that you need to customize it to achieve the SharePoint look. SharePoint has its own grid view control called the SPGridView. It uses the built-in CSS styles of SharePoint, which means you have to do less interface customization than you would with the ASP.NET GridView control. The SPGridView inherits from the ASP.NET GridView control and can, therefore, be used as a normal grid view. The SPGridView has a set of features that s not available in the ASP.NET GridView control;
Try to build again. This time, the compiler got so confused by the extra semicolon, it reported five errors instead of just one, and threw in four warnings to boot (see Figure 4-11). Notice, however, that the very first error message gives you a pretty good idea of what is going on. It complains about a syntax error before the left curly brace (before { token). The compiler is reading your source code and making its way down main.c when it encounters what it thinks is a function definition. But then, just when it expects an open curly brace, it finds a semicolon. It thinks, Hrm. That s not right. Better report an error.
Table 3.5 Public cloud cost calculation: pure OPEX, based on resource consumption Hardware + storage $216/month + + + = $25/month $300/month $759/month $1,300/month Virtual VPN (firewall) Load-balancing service Storage Six large instances + = $1,435 per month $135/month @ $0.17/GB $135/month Bandwidth 10 TB max outbound
Data binding with WPF
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