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When you enable garbage collection, the usual memory management calls all turn into no-op instructions; that s a fancy way of saying they don t do anything. The Objective-C garbage collector is a generational garbage collector. Newly created objects are much more likely to turn into garbage than objects that have been hanging around for awhile. At regular times, the garbage collector starts looking at your variables and objects and follows the pointers between them. Any object it discovers without anything pointing to it is garbage, which is fit to be thrown away. The worst thing you can do is keep a pointer to an object that you re done with. So if you point to an object in an instance variable (recall composition), be sure to assign nil to your instance variable, which removes your reference to this object and lets the garbage collector know it can be purged. Like the autorelease pool, garbage collection is triggered at the end of an event loop. You can also trigger garbage collection yourself if you re not in a GUI program, but that s beyond the scope of what we want to talk about here.
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CHAPTER 13: Support Tools for the Busy Developer
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Finally, the delivery extension distributes the report to its final destination, for example, by sending an e-mail to the recipient in the case of e-mail delivery or saving the report s payload to a network share for file share delivery. As you ve just seen, the second phase of subscribed report delivery is executed entirely in unattended mode. Therefore, subscribed reports are subject to the same limitations as report snapshots, which we discussed in chapter 7. Specifically, these limitations are as follows: The identity of the interactive user is not available during the report s processing stage. Report parameter values must be specified when the subscription is created. Stored data source credentials must be used for database authentication. Let s explain each of these limitations in more detail. First, the user-specific information is not available when reports are delivered via subscriptions. Specifically, this means that it is not possible to access the properties of the User global collection, for example, to get the user s identity or the language identifier. Failure to abide by this rule results in the following error message when an attempt is made to create a new subscription: UNDERSTANDING SUBSCRIBED REPORT DELIVERY 487
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protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e) { . . . // Table style for PhotoAlbum data source DataGridTableStyle albumStyle = new DataGridTableStyle();
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Unfortunately, you can t define a dataset as shared inside a VS.NET BI project. Therefore, the dataset definition is always report-specific. It would be nice if you could reuse the dataset definition among reports, similar to the way you can create typed datasets in .NET development projects but this is not possible with version 1.0 of Reporting Services. generare qr code
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First, tap here.
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In this chapter, we looked at securing an application from different perspectives of .NET application development. We discussed platform security and described the types of security you can use to better secure your different tiers. Finally, we examined several scenarios for securing each tier of your platform. In chapter 10, we discuss deployment of applications to Windows Server 2003.
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Scripting languages have existed since the 1960s. Early languages include JCL (Job Control Language), sh (the first shell), and Rexx; today s popular languages include Perl, Python, Ruby, and Tcl. Historically, UNIX systems have provided strong support for text processing, filtering, and automation through commands, pipes, shell scripts, and high-level scripting languages such as Perl or Python. The most basic technique for accomplishing these tasks is to use standard UNIX commands. For example, to find how many processes a user is running you use the ps command to get a list of all running processes, grep to find all lines that contain the user name, and finally the wc command to count the number of lines:
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Everything that happens between the main function and the HelloWorldAppDelegate class is behind the scenes magic of the iPhone SDK, over which you have no control. Since you ll hardly ever need to change main.m, you can safely ignore its contents. Still, it never hurts to peek inside. To quickly sum up, the main function creates an NSAutoreleasePool and then calls UIApplicationMain to start the application using HelloWorldAppDelegate as the class that implements the UIApplicationDelegate protocol.
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The best of the rest
Task 8-17. Changing Rights Group Access
IndexOf() LastIndexOf() Sort()(Sort<T>) BinarySearch() (BinarySearch<T>)
Imagine adding a print command to an existing Windows Forms application.1 You might have some code that starts out innocently enough:
You should notice a couple of interesting things about this declaration. First, an existing class is mentioned, followed by a new name in parentheses. This means that the category is called NumberConvenience, and it adds methods to NSString. Another way to say this is, We re adding a category onto NSString called NumberConvenience. You can add as many categories to a class as you want, as long as the category names are unique. You indicate the class you re putting the category onto (NSString) and the name of the category (NumberConvenience), and you list the methods you re adding, followed by @end. You can t add new instance variables, so there is no instance variable section as there is with a class declaration.
Note The return value for init methods is traditionally id. Logically, init should always return a pointer to the
12.3.3 Example 1: tracing standard query operators execution
class ALC { public static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine("Arithmetic Language Compiler...");
The amazing thing is that any changes you make to your Google or Exchange contacts on your iPad are wirelessly communicated and appear in your Google or Exchange account in seconds. NOTE: To add, edit, or delete contacts in your other group (not the Google or Exchange group), first go to that group (From My PC or From My Mac), then make the changes you want. These additions, edits, or deletions will not affect your Google or Exchange contacts, they are kept separate.
When you re using (typed) DataSets, associations are represented as in a database. To link two entities, you have to set the foreign key in one entity to the primary key of the other. There isn t the notion of collection; so you can t add an entity to a collection and get the association created. Transparent POCO-oriented persistence implementations such as NHibernate provide support for collections. But it s important to understand that NHibernate associations are all inherently unidirectional. As far as NHibernate is concerned, the association from Bid to Item is a different association than the association from Item to Bid. This means that bid.Item=item and item.Bids.Add(bid) are two unrelated operations. To some people, this seems strange; to others, it feels natural. After all, associations at the language level are always unidirectional and NHibernate claims to implement persistence for plain .NET objects. We ll merely observe that this decision was made because NHibernate objects aren t bound to any context. In NHibernate applications, the behavior of a nonpersistent instance is the same as the behavior of a persistent instance. Because associations are so important, we need precise language for classifying them.
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