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Figure 2.12 Cizer s Quick Query has a web-based front end that allows end users to create ad hoc reports.
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Note how you come from the native Python success boolean to the property list <true/> or <false/> version. As per the data/representation separation, the put() method shouldn t have to deal with native Cocoa data types, because the next request could possibly come from a non-Cocoa-aware client. The Cocoa-specific Django templates deal with the conversion from model to client. In Model/View/Controller lingo, you can regard the template as a controller. I have to repeat myself by saying that you shouldn t just pass a game key to the server like in the previous examples. It would be way too easy for a hacker to guess other players game keys and add arbitrary moves to them. As a minimum, you should provide your e-mail address as well and have the server code look up the game on both fields, assuming it would be quite hard for somebody to guess both the game key and the player in turn s e-mail address (except for your opponent, that is). But even better, you should authenticate the user and communicate via a secure, encrypted connection. I ll leave that as an exercise for you, once you have all the other pieces in place.
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a. Click the Add button. b. In the file dialog, locate the NEW.BMP file under the common image directory in the bitmaps/OffCtlBr/Small/ Color directory. c. Click the Open button to add the image. 5 Similarly, add the following images files to the collection. bitmaps/OffCtlBr/Small/Color/ OPEN.BMP bitmaps/OffCtlBr/Small/Color/ SAVE.BMP icons/arrows/ARW08LT.ICO icons/arrows/ARW08RT.ICO icons/Writing/BOOK02.ICO icons/Traffic/TRFFC10C.ICO icons/Traffic/TRFFC10A.ICO
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Chaining Methods
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Now go back to MyDocument.xib in Interface Builder, and make the window bigger, about 350 500, leaving the two color pickers at the top. Find a CustomView (really an instance of a plain old NSView) in the Library, drag it into the window, and use the Identity Inspector to change its class to ColorBlendView. Then resize the ColorBlendView to about 90 50, using the Size Inspector to help you out. We need to see which blend mode the view represents, so drag a label from the Library into the window, just below the ColorBlendView, and use the Attributes Inspector to center the label's text (see Figure 11 4).
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Once BDC Meta Man is installed, launch BDC Meta Man. When you run the program, choose the Try It option, which will give you access to the developer version. When BDC Meta Man launches, click the Connect to Data Source button. Choose SQL Server. Type your server name and instance for your SQL Server in the format ServerName\InstanceName, or just ServerName if you don t have multiple instances. Choose your authentication type. I m using Windows Authentication because my SQL Server is set to Mixed Mode, as shown in figure 2.7. To connect to the data source and display the available databases, click Connect. You should see a list of databases on the left side of your screen. Expand Northwind to see the list of objects within the Northwind database. To create a Products entity, drag the dbo.Products table onto the design surface. To create a Categories entity, drag the dbo.Categories table onto the design surface.
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NSUInteger indexOfFive = [array indexOfObject:@"five"];
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Of course, this is PowerShell, and we can fix it if we want to. Here s an example of how we could work around some of these deficiencies by defining a function:
Function(customer) customer.Name Function(person) person.City = "Paris" Function(person, minAge) person.Age >= minAge
Figure 18 4. Navigating around your iPhone mail folders.
Figure 22 3. List views for directions and search results
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