Figure 3-12. The Toolbox window in Office Word

Produce qrcode in Office Word Figure 3-12. The Toolbox window

System.Object is the ultimate superclass from which all .NET reference types implicitly derive. It provides several useful members that you should become familiar with:
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Upgrading solutions
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Figure 29-6. Steps 2 4 on Apple s online registration site.
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The term codec stands for, variously, coder-decoder, compressor/decompressor, or compression/decompression algorithm. A codec is a piece of software that allows you to encode or decode a data stream. The most common use these days is for media formats such as WMA, MP3, and so on. By checking the list of codecs, you can tell whether the system will be able to decode and play a particular file.
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Same Jargon as for a Family Tree
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Listing 7.8 Using the UpgradeActions element
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Listing 16.23 Simple tests
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As soon as you land, you should reset your data usage on your iPhone. This will allow you to keep close track of the amount of wireless data you are using overseas. For example, if you purchased a 20 MB plan, you want to make sure you don't go over the amount. A brief test using Maps for about 1 minute in the car resulted in almost 1 MB of data usage. So be careful and try not to use extremely data-intensive apps such as Maps while roaming. We show you exactly how to reset your usage earlier in this chapter in the "Select and Monitor Your Cellular Data Usage" section.
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To enable Zoom: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tap the Settings icon. Tap General. Tap Accessibility near the bottom of the page. Tap Zoom. Set the switch next to Zoom to On.
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Particles are often associated with 3D games where the environments are immersive and players expect things such as realistic weather effects and smoke and fire and splattering blood and explosions. The list goes on and on. You can achieve all of these effects with particles. However, it is also good to think about particles when designing your 2D apps as well, and not just 2D action games either. I often play some puzzle games to pass the time, such as Drop7 and AuroraFeint. Both of these use particles to add a bit of excitement and life to the game. In Figure 1-4, you can see the block-smashing effect in Aurora Feint.
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Creating the Desktop Wiki Project
Beyond basic in-memory queries
public static IEnumerable<TResult> Join<TOuter, TInner, TKey, TResult> (this IEnumerable<TOuter> outer, IEnumerable<TInner> inner, Func<TOuter, TKey> outerKeySelector, Func<TInner, TKey> innerKeySelector, Func<TOuter, TInner, TResult> resultSelector)
PS (14) > $words = $s.split(" `t", >> [stringsplitoptions]::RemoveEmptyEntries) >> PS (15) > $words.length 2696
Listing 5
The format command can also save you a lot of frustration in formatting numbers. You can use it to format numbers and return them as strings with the right number of decimal places, commas, parentheses, and so on. format 1234.5678 into "#,###.00" "1,234.57"
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