Figure 3-5. The Width and Height properties of UserForm in Word

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The danger of creating custom behavior
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Remote control: one to one, and one to many
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CHAPTER 5: Stick Around: Building Data-Driven Applications with SQLite
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Touch Note
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Enables optimizations. Sets output filename. Creates a module that can be added to another assembly. Creates a library instead of an application.
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Once you ve done that, you can parse out a Publish Control draft value from a newsfeed with only a couple of lines of code. For example, you could add the
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Working with layouts
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NOTE: If you want to know more of the technical details, that s great! Go to the slide show at
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Here s the definition: read: Read data from a file that has been opened for access read anything -- the reference number, alias, or file reference of the file to read [from double integer] -- starting from this position; -- if omitted, start at last position read from [for double integer] -- the number of bytes to read from current position; -- if omitted, read until the end of the file... [to double integer] -- ...or stop at this position... [before string] -- ...or read up to but not including this character... [until string] -- ...or read up to and including this character [using delimiter string] -- the value that separates items to read... [using delimiters a list of string] -- ...or a list of values that separate items to read [as type class] -- the form in which to read and return data Result: anything -- the data read from the file
About System Events alias Class
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do shell script "echo " & quoted form of input_text & " | grep " & quoted form of pattern_to_match every paragraph of result --> {"bob42", "0.197"} This echo-based approach has a couple of disadvantages, however. The first is that the Unix shell sets a maximum length for scripts (on Tiger this is roughly 128KB), so if you try to pass too big a string, you ll get an error. The second is that if your string contains any ASCII 0 characters, you ll get an error because Unix often interprets ASCII 0 to mean end of string and will stop reading your shell script before it gets to the actual end. For some tasks these limitations won t be an issue, but when they are, you ll need to use the next approach.
Listing 20.12 XAML Capturing still images XAML:
Now all that s left is to implement matching methods for rightward transitions. These methods are all pretty similar to the others, and are presented here without further comment, except one: you may be tempted to copy and paste the existing methods and make whatever you changes you can spot, but be careful! Some of the differences are subtle but important.
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