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Figure 7-1. This is a search window from the Laramie County library in Cheyenne. In this example, we re searching using both the author field and the title field.
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To jump to any other game that is being played, you can touch on a game from the scoreboard, along the top. The options in this app are quite extensive, and the experience is immersive. This is a great way to follow your favorite teams, wherever you might be.
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CHAPTER 25: Troubleshooting
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The PivotTable component is a mini-application by itself, as figure 12.20 shows. You can think of the PivotTable component as a matrix region on steroids. Similarly to the matrix region, you can use PivotTable to create crosstab drilldown reports. However, it also supports changing dimensions and measures at will. For example, the user can drag and drop a dimension on the row or column area. If you don t need the 444
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I have an iPhone and/or another iPod; can I keep using my other iPod or iPhone Yes! You can definitely keep listening to all your music and sharing all your videos and even your apps on all of your devices (such as your iPhone, iPod touch, or other iPod) in addition to your new iPad. With my other iPhone and/or iPod, can I use my already existing iTunes software and account Yes! This is fine; you can use the same iTunes software already installed on your computer, as well as your existing iTunes account to set up your iPad. Can I use my purchased apps from my iPod touch or iPhone on my iPad Yes! However, you will notice that they initially show up in a small box in the center of the screen. You have to tap the 2x button in the lower right corner to expand them so they fill most of the iPad screen. These iPhone/iPod touch apps do not rotate as you tilt your iPad. Some developers are creating new iPad versions that will show up under the iPad section in the App Store. Some iPad apps are known as HD versions of their iPhone apps. TIP: If you are an Apple Mac user, it is likely that iTunes is already pre-installed on your computer, and it may already be in your Bottom Dock. If it is not there, then start your Finder, click Applications to locate the iTunes application, and start it.
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Listing 14.4 The ServiceReferences.ClientConfig file
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Listing 16.10 The EmployeeVacationBonusService class
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SELECT [First] = 1 SELECT [Second] = 1/0 SELECT [Third] = 3
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Now you can spend some time designing a nice-looking tilemap, or simply load the one I designed in the Tilemap05 project. Be sure to put only floor tiles on the Ground layer, and only overlapping and transparent tiles on the Objects layer. When you re done, you should have a nice-looking tilemap like the one in Figure 11 11. decode pdf417 pdf
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Download at
The dialog box you created has several types of elements, some of which you need to name so that AppleScript can refer to them when getting their values: the editable text fields, pop-up menu, check box, and slider. You could also name the three buttons at the bottom, but since you re keeping things simple, you ll cheat a little and just use their titles when working with those. You name the elements in the AppleScript pane of the Inspector palette. Make sure the Inspector palette is visible, and choose AppleScript from the pop-up menu at the top, as shown in Figure 13-9. To name an element, click it in the window, and type the element s name in the Name text field in the Inspector palette, also shown in Figure 13-9. Give the top three text fields the following names: name, phone, and email. Name the pop-up salutation, the check box newuser, and the slider mood.
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