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CHAPTER 4: Your First Game
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Notice that we don t call run directly but instead call the start method. The start method invokes run on a different thread. The stop method is used to halt a thread s execution. This is similar to the Abort method used in C# and VB.NET. The following causes the thread to stop executing:
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If you are in a playlist, touching the Next arrow (to the right of the Play/Pause button) will advance you to the next song in the list. If you are searching through your music by album, touching Next will advance to the next song on the album. Touching the Previous button will do the reverse. NOTE: If you re at the beginning of a song, Previous will take you to the previous song. If the son is already playing, Previous will go to the beginning of the current song (and a second tap would go to the previous song).
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Objective-C operating system developed by NeXT Computer. When Apple purchaced NeXT in 1996, it adopted NextStep as the core technology for the nascent Mac OS X. In a feat that George Orwell would admire, almost every reference to NeXT and NextStep was redacted from the Mac OS X source code and documentation. But it was virtually impossible to rename every class in the gargantuan framework, so the legacy NS prefix survives to this day.
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private void rect_MouseDown(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e) { if (e.ClickCount == 2) { Rectangle rect = sender as Rectangle; NameValuePair nvp = rect.Tag as NameValuePair;
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CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPhone with iTunes
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The script accepts two parameters the folder containing the copied log backups and the database name. It iterates through the contents of the folder and retrieves the file extension of all the files in this case, TRN. It then checks for the DateCreated attribute of the file and compares it to the system date and time. If the value for the DateCreated attribute for the file differs in less than or equal to 15 minutes from the system date and time, it creates a SQL file containing the RESTORE LOG command for the database you ve passed as a parameter to the script. Notice how the script is dynamically generated, passing the filename of the retrieved log backup. After the SQL file has been generated, a call to the sqlcmd.exe utility is made, passing the filename of the SQL file generated as an input and generating an output file, which we ll use to send email alerts should the RESTORE LOG command fail. Because the script will be executed using the Windows Task Scheduler, we need something to send us email alerts for notification, as SQLMail and Database Mail are not available in SQL Server Express. The script calls another VBScript file, sendEmailSMTP.vbs, which accepts two parameters the database name and the job type, which in this case is a RESTORE job. Listing 6 shows the script for the sendEmailSMTP.vbs file. Make sure to change the SMTP server address and the recipient email address.
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might indicate that a parameter is positional and that the name is optional ([-Name] <string>). It can also indicate both: that a parameter is optional, and if used, can be used positionally ([[-Name] <string>]). It s always legal to use the parameter name, if you re in any doubt. [ ] Adjacent square brackets indicate that a parameter can accept multiple values (<string[]> instead of <string>). < > Angle brackets surround data types, indicating what kind of value or object a parameter expects: <string>, <int>, <process>, and so forth.
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Download from Wow! eBook <>
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LINQ to XML provides easy methods to load and saveXML documents. You ve already used Load and Save in some of the examples in this chapter. The Load method you ve used accepts a string argument that specifies the path where the XML file is located. Similarly, the Save method accepts a string argument in which you specify the path to store the XML document. However, these methods have other interesting overloads that we we ll look at soon. Also, some other methods deserve mention. For example, the Parse method provided by the XElement class allows developers to build an XML document starting from a string (see Listing 3-19).
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private string _url; public RSSFeedAsyncTask(string url, AsyncTaskEnded taskEnded) { _url = url; Constructor taking _asyncTaskEnded = taskEnded; end delegate method } public IAsyncResult OnBegin(object sender, EventArgs e, AsyncCallback callback, object data) { _asyncTaskDelegate = new AsyncTaskDelegate(Execute); IAsyncResult result = _asyncTaskDelegate.BeginInvoke( callback, data); Asynchronous return result; begin method } public void OnEnd(IAsyncResult result) { if (_asyncTaskEnded != null) { _asyncTaskEnded.Invoke(); } _asyncTaskDelegate.EndInvoke(result); } public void OnTimeout(IAsyncResult result) { FeedData = new XElement("Timeout"); } public void Execute() { FeedData = XElement.Load(_url); // System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(5000); } public XElement FeedData { get; protected set; } }
As you probably noticed, different models find slightly different reasons for customers decisions whether to buy a bike. The question is how you can evaluate which model performs the best. The answer is quite simple in SQL Server 2008. Remember that when you created the models, you split the data into training and test sets. The model was trained on the training set only; you can make the predictions on the test set. Because you already know the outcome of the predictive variable in the test set, you can measure how accurate the predictions are. A standard way to show the accuracy is the Lift Chart. You can see a Lift Chart created using the data and models from this section in figure 4. In figure 4, you ll notice five curves and lines on the chart; yet, you created only three models. The three curves show the performance of the predictive models you created, and the two lines represent the Ideal Model and the Random Guess Model. The x axis shows the percentage of population (all cases), and the y axis shows the percentage of the target population (bike buyers in this example). The Ideal Model line (the topmost line) shows that approximately 50 percent of the customers of Adventure Works buy bikes. If you want to know exactly who s going to buy a bike and who isn t, you d need only 50 percent of the population to get all bike buyers. The lowest line is the Random Guess line. If you picked cases out of the population randomly, you d need 100 percent of the cases for 100 percent of bike buyers. Likewise, you d need 80 percent of the population for 80 percent of bike buyers, 60 percent of the population for 60 percent of bike buyers, and so on. The mining models you created give better results than the Random Guess Model, and of course worse results than the Ideal Model. In the Lift Chart, you can see the lift of the mining models from the Random Guess line; this is where the name Lift Chart comes from. Any model predicts the outcome with less than 100 percent of probability in all ranges of the population;
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Then I was able to query for any records containing bike or bicycle:
Among other things, when the FireEvent API is used, the Report Server could verify that the call is permitted as configured by the administrator s role-based security policy. Only callers who have rights to execute the Generate Events system-level task are trusted to fire events programmatically, as shown in figure 12.18. Interestingly, by default the System Administrator role doesn t include this task. Therefore, as a prerequisite for running our sample successfully, you need to grant the FireEvent caller the Generate Events task. Implementing the solution Once the security policy is set up, you are ready to implement the code sample. Table 12.2 lists the task map of the solution. Similarly to the Campaigner example discussed in chapter 10, you use a table trigger to call a web method, which in turn calls the FireEvent API. Why don t you call the FireEvent method directly from the trigger If you did this, it would require hardcoding the event type and data inside the trigger, which is something that you should avoid. Instead, you write a new web method, called FireSubscription SUBSCRIBED REPORT DELIVERY IN ACTION 447
Carbon Copies
Display a dialog to ask if the user wants to save any changes they have made.
If you did not receive this pop-up window, then you can manually start the CD import into iTunes by clicking the Import CD button in the lower right corner. You will also
Figure 1.6 You can integrate your applications with RS by using the two web communication fa ades: HTTP Handler and the RS Web service.
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