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private Operator lastOperator = Operator.None; private decimal valueSoFar = 0; private bool numberHitSinceLastOperator = false;
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Lock acquired
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Now what the outer if statement is doing is also pretty obvious: if the results of the first (formally inner) statement is greater than 20, return $false; otherwise return $true.
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BeforeCollapse event 489 BeforeExpand event example 505 BeforeLabelEdit event in ListView class 470 BeforeSelect event 489 BeginEdit method in DataGrid class 569 in DataGridTableStyle class 576 in IEditableObject interface 584 in ListViewItem class 451, 470 in TreeNode class 495 BeginInit method 114 in StatusBarPanel class 116 BeginPrint event 608 BeginUpdate method example (ListBox) 327 in ComboBox class 335 in ListBox class 324 binary operator 649 Binding class 592, 594 members 594 Binding constructor 594 BindingContext class 592 BindingContext property 592 BindingManagerBase class 592, 597 Current property 602 EndCurrentEdit method 603 members 597 Position property 598 BindingManagerBase property 594 BindingMemberInfo property 594 BindingMemberInfo structure 594 Bindings property 597 Bitmap class custom drawing 152 drawing by hand 153 file formats supported 168
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if (Application.Current.HasElevatedPermissions) { Window win = Application.Current.MainWindow; win.TopMost = true; win.Height = 200; win.Width = 200; win.Left = 150; win.Top = 150; if (!win.IsActive) win.Activate(); }
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This is a special reference used when you re defining ControlTemplates or DataTemplates. When you re writing a control template (for example), there are two different places where you might want to bind to something in the control that s using the control template or from something in the control template itself. For example, you might have a control template that defines the look-and-feel of a button. The content of the template might well be driven off of the data associated with the button, but the control template can have several animations that need to depend on properties in the template. The notation for TemplatedParent is as follows:
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Open SharePoint Designer 2010 and open the site by entering the address of your site. Use the Site Actions menu in SharePoint 2010 and choose Edit Site in SharePoint Designer.
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CHAPTER 13: Support Tools for the Busy Developer
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Project Builder in depth
n AppleScript, as in many other programming languages, variables consist of two parts: the identifier and the value. The identifier is a name that describes the value, and the value is what you actually want to use. Here s an example: set first_name to "Sponge"
PropertyDescriptorCollection filteredProperties = new PropertyDescriptorCollection(null); PropertyDescriptorCollection existingProperties; PropertyDescriptor tempProperty = null; existingProperties = TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(this.GetType(), attributes); Gets a list of all of the AWReportViewer properties foreach (PropertyDescriptor pd in existingProperties) filteredProperties.Add(pd);
Table 28-1. C# Preprocessing Directives
CHAPTER 13: Drawing in Cocoa
markup that doesn t need any connected control. For example, if you need to write HTML content in the Web Part, you can use the LiteralControl and build a string with HTML instead of using several ASP.NET controls. The more controls you use, the more processing is needed. In addition, the view state of the page may grow larger.
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