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1.2 The Macintosh user interface
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In this example, if numberOfEggs has a value of 1 or 2, the function HardBoilThem() is called. If numberOfEggs has a value of 3, the function MakeAnOmelet() is called. If NumberOfEggs has any other value, nothing happens. Use a case with no statements when you want two different cases to execute the same statements. But what happens if we have 4 eggs We get no breakfast Not cool. Here s a better plan.
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Getting Your Hands on Apple s Sample Scripts
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Generates as many hidden fields
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Notice that this time, since we re getting the book instead of the title, we can just filter on the price element without having to use the .. to go up a path. The problem now is: how do we get the pieces of data we want the title and price The result of the query has a property called OuterXml. This property contains the XML fragment that represents the entire book element. We can take this element and cast it into an XML document as we saw earlier in this section. Once we have it in this form, we can use the normal property notation to extract the information. Here s what it looks like:
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The code generated by these changes is similar to examples we have seen before. The images are stored in a .resx file for the MainForm object, and loaded into the application using the ResourceManager class. Now that we have the image lists defined, the form containing a ListView control, and the View menu primed and ready, we have nothing to do but add our photo albums to the list. We do this in the OnLoad method, which is called just before the Form displays the first time. We could instead add these items in the MainForm constructor, but the OnLoad method is preferred for such actions to ensure that the Form is fully initialized. Let s see how this code looks.
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CHAPTER 3: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
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The most significant transformation IT has ever undergone
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I use config instead of configuration in case the folks who developed these cmdlets were using abbreviations and shortened word forms. One of the cmdlets that pops out at me is Get-VMResourceConfiguration excellent! I run it with a single virtual machine on my host and see this:
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Teaching Your Script to Make Decisions
Network Services
Convert method
Listing 3.2 Using batches of statements to update and retrieve data
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