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delegate void TheDelegate(); private void TheMethod() { System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine("The Method"); Thread.Sleep(1000); } private void ASyncCallbackMethod(IAsyncResult ar ) { System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine("ASyncCallbackMethod"); } private void buttonBeginInvoke(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { TheDelegate MyDelegate = new TheDelegate(TheMethod); AsyncCallback MyAsyncCallback = new AsyncCallback(ASyncCallbackMethod) ; MyDelegate.BeginInvoke(MyAsyncCallback, null); }
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PrintTextString(g, printFont, "FileName:", photo.FileName, ref printArea); PrintTextString(g, printFont, "Caption:", photo.Caption, ref printArea); PrintTextString(g, printFont, "Photographer:", photo.Photographer, ref printArea); PrintTextString(g, printFont, "Notes:", photo.Notes, ref printArea); }
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Picture/Object Button
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CHAPTER 12: FaceTime Video Messaging and Skype
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10.2 The WPF approach
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CHAPTER 12: Monitoring, Analysis, and Performance Tools
All the method does is look to see if the return value isn t null (which is how we indicate that the user canceled) and, if not, stores the dictionary. The last change we need to make is to the DefineWord method to make it use the selected dictionary. Here s what we ve changed:
Like other lists on your iPhone, you can re-order it and remove entries. 1. 2. 3. View your Favorites list as you did above. Tap the Edit button in the upper left corner. To re-order the entries, touch and drag the right edge with the three gray bars up or down the list.
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The Volume property is a double-precision, floating-point value that specifies the audible level of a MediaElement. This property value can range from an inaudible (0.0) all the way up to a room-shaking 1.0. The room-shaking capabilities are ultimately restrained by the user s computer volume. By default, the Volume value is in the middle of this range at 0.5. The Volume property is one of the five properties that address audio-related features. The other properties are the IsMuted, Balance, AudioStreamCount, and AudioStreamIndex properties. The MediaElement also exposes a pair of properties that are specific to the visual part of a media file.
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