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.NET developers understand the difference between .NET object identity and equality. Object identity, object.ReferenceEquals(), is a notion defined by the CLR environment. Two object references are identical if they point to the same memory location. On the other hand, object equality is a notion defined by classes that implement the Equals() method (or the operator ==), sometimes also referred to as equivalence. Equivalence means that two different (non-identical) objects have the same value. Two different instances of string are equal if they represent the same sequence of characters, even though they each have their own location in the memory space of the virtual machine. (We admit that this isn t entirely true for strings, but you get the idea.) Persistence complicates this picture. With object/relational persistence, a persistent object is an in-memory representation of a particular row of a database table. Along with .NET identity (memory location) and object equality, we pick up database identity (location in the persistent data store). We now have three methods for identifying objects:
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System.out.println("Entry id: " System.out.println(" Title: System.out.println(" Modified: System.out.println(" Updated:
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defines an indexer for the class. Indexers define array-style access to a class, using a syntax employing access methods similar to the declaration of properties. An indexer is defined using the this keyword to refer to the class itself, with the index variable defining the index value within the definition. In this manner the indexer defines retrieval and assignment access to the array of Photograph objects in the collection. Any collection class can be treated as an indexed array through the use of a similar indexer definition.
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WORKING WITH TEAMMATES DBAs rarely work alone. In most cases, DBAs interact with many people, including other DBAs, developers, end users, product-knowledge specialists, vendors, accountants, hardware experts, and networking experts. Because of this, DBAs need good
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Keeping your blog in sync
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DataRow class, 181 DateTime class formats, 385 Debug and Trace classes, 474 475, 477 BooleanSwitch, 477 478 custom switches, 480 481, 483 TraceInformation( ), capturing process metadata, 483 484 TraceSwitch, 478, 480 debugger, Visual Studio .NET, 18 decimal point format string character, 381 defensive programming, overview, 473 definite assignment, 114 117 with arrays, 116 with structs, 115 117 Delegate class, 220 DelegateCache class, 238 Delegate.Combine( ), 220 221 Delegate.Remove( ), 221 delegates, 16 and multicasting, 220 221 as static members, 222 223 as static properties, 223 225 using, 217 219 delegateStore hash table, 235 derived class, in inheritance, 1 design guidelines for exception handling, 30 for virtual functions and interfaces, 312 destruction, 65 development options for C#, 17 digit or space placeholder format string character, 380 digit or zero placeholder format string character, 380 disposable enumerators, 191 192 Dispose( ), 66 69, 191 DotGNU, 443
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If you don t want to crawl an entity, you can just omit the IDEnumerator method.
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plan and select Modify, which will open the Designer. I find this task useful, because it allows us to add whatever T-SQL commands we wish to an MP. Not only can we set the order in which tasks run in the plan, we can execute other Agent jobs as well as T-SQL commands from within our MPs.
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test data 256 test environments 205 Test Load Agent (Visual Studio Team System) 343 testing strategy (database snapshots) 220 text data type 178 third-party backup compression tools 208, 221 thread pooling 135 threads 134 timestamp 117 toggle breakpoint 340 total cost of ownership (TCO) 24 TPC. See Transaction Processing Performance Council TPC-C 45 trace definition 337 file 313 filter 335 flag 3604 275 flags 345 process 332 properties 335 replay 338 template 335 track 32 track-aligning partitions 33 track_waitstats 394 transaction performance 238 profile 38 rate 37 response time 26, 242 safety 238 throughput 16, 241 transaction (DBCC) 277 transaction duration 37 transaction latency 231, 242 transaction log backup frequency 201 backups 198, 200 bottleneck 37 Bulk_Logged backup 206 checkpoint 140 dedicated disks 16 described 197 growth 198 log chain 200 log sequence number (LSN) 198 LUN configuration 26 marking WITH MARK 211 purpose and usage 200 recovery interval 140 restore 202
Text in this context refers to any of the large-value data types text, ntext, image, nvarchar(max), varchar(max), varbinary(max) with filestream enabled, varbinary(max), and XML. Like a batch update, when you replicate text, the constituent commands may be spread over multiple rows in MSrepl_commands. For example, this statement,
The query in listing 3 returns a single row of data with four columns the allocation unit type, the page count, the average page space used as a percentage, and the total
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