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Connections to SQL Server are established using a standard network protocol such as TCP/IP. Depending on the installed edition of SQL Server, certain protocols are
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17.2.1 Deploying a WPF application via ClickOnce automatically add your application We need to go back to the non-XBAP version of the to the start menu. The containing folder defaults to the name under dictionary, and the first thing we need to do is set up which Visual Studio was installed, security. As with the XBAP, you go to the Security tab but it can be changed. on the assembly s properties, and turn on full trust (figure 17.14). Ideally you d go through and figure out the specific rights, but this will work for our example. Now, we need to set up a place to publish to. Visual Studio could automatically publish to a website for us; for simplicity, let s create a subdirectory called DictionaryClickOnce, right-click to bring up its properties, and, on the Web Sharing page, share the application as DictionaryClickOnce. Believe it or not, this is the hard part. All we have to do now is run through the Publish Wizard, which is available by selecting Publish from the Build menu. Figure 17.15 shows the pages of the wizard with our selections.
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s Recommendation Check the management pack access requirements that will
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Once we drop out of the loop, we ll return the number of words in the line.
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cell.textLabel.text = [[results objectAtIndex:indexPath.row] objectForKey: @"name"];
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inside COM+. When you create objects inside COM+, one of two things happens: Either a new context is created for your object, or an existing one is used for your object. This process is referred to as activation. In instances of object pooling, you are activating objects instead of creating them from scratch. When your components are activated, they are assigned a context. Over a component s lifetime, this may happen many times. Once your objects are created and a context assigned, the context object acts as a manager to ensure the execution of your transactional, secured components. By using code, you can interact directly with the context object. For example, you use the context object to vote on the transaction status of your components. Next, let s create a COM+ component that will integrate into our example contactsmanagement application.
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The line is split into parts. An object is created by the Select operator. Work is performed on the book object as specified in the body of the foreach statement. The process continues at step 2.
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Figure 6 5. We ll use this image as the bottom layer of our switch view app.
CHAPTER 16: Maps
Settings Property Dock HotTrack ShowToolTips Value Fill True True
Changing your Lock Screen and Home Screen Wallpapers
If gHeadPtr is not NULL, the linked list contains at least one element. In that case, make the next field of the very last element on the list point to the new struct:
private void OnBeginJoinGroup(IAsyncResult asyncResult) { UdpAnySourceMulticastClient client = (UdpAnySourceMulticastClient)asyncResult.AsyncState; client.EndJoinGroup(asyncResult); ... }
If you want to set your iPad up in a vertical orientation to use it as an electronic picture frame or have it held for you while you use it, check out the $29.00 iPad Dock. The iPad Dock also has a dock connector port in the back so you can connect it to your computer or charger while the iPad is in sitting in the dock. See Figure 15.
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