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TRY IT NOW You ll definitely want to run this command yourself to see the
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Using the Business Data field type in lists and libraries
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By default, the behavior for the methods is set to Use Runtime. As long as it is set to Use Runtime, the DataContext will dynamically generate the Insert, Update, and Delete methods and issue them directly against the tables. To change the functionality, select the Customize option for the behavior you wish to replace. From the drop-down option under Customize, select the desired method. If the stored procedures are already defined, they can be selected at this point. Once set, the mapping of the method arguments can be customized. In the case of this method, we ll leave the class property for the UserName set to None and then set it in our actual implementing method. Be aware that if we want to make changes to the implementation, they need to be done in the partial class and not in the designers. Any changes made to the .designer.cs file will be overwritten as the designers regenerate the code due to other changes. In this example, we did the implementation in a partial class definition of the data context in order to specify the user name based on the current thread s identity. Traditionally, stored procedures make up the bulk of the custom database code when working with SQL Server. In fact, there are a number of books and best practice guides that argue in favor of limiting all database access to go through stored procedures rather than allowing direct access to the underlying tables. Familiarity with the technology and business requirements will help determine whether stored procedures are still necessary for individual applications or whether the native LINQ to SQL behavior is sufficient. The functionality offered by SQL server does not stop with stored procedures. It also offers the ability to define user-defined functions that can return both scalar values and tables. The next section explores the capabilities that these offer.
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Contact component 106 Contact element 204 _Contact interface 256 257 ContactMgr 52 53, 63, 272 ContactMgr Certificate 221 Contacts 62 63 Contacts table 105, 114 container 99 Content 62, 64 66 Content Files 275 Content Management Server 3 ContentMgrPool 80 81 context 98 99, 102 104, 108, 115 ContextId 258 ContextUtil 112 114, 258 259 ContextUtil class 114 ContextUtil.SetAbort 112 114 ContextUtil.SetComplete 112 114 contract 97, 100 Control Tree 46 conversions 43 Coordinate 205 Coordinators 199 Copy Application(s) dialog box 149 CORBA 97 CORBA/IIOP 171 CPU monitoring 81 Create An Empty Partition 148 Create Code Group 268 Create Schema 170 Creation Timeout 138 <credentials> 236, 237 credit card 220 Critical 143 CRL (certificate revocation list) 224 CRM (compensating resource managers) 132 Cryptographic Service Providers 90, 222 Crystal Report Viewer 27 CSP (Criptographic Service Provider) 90, 222
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CocoaWGet is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, which is a very useful and commonly used design technique for constructing GUI programs. As you learned in chapter 5, MVC is composed of three parts: the model, which holds the program s data state; the view, which displays one or more views of the data; and the controller, which mediates between model and view. This design provides a clear separation of responsibility between program components and encourages reusability, mainly in the model and view components. Figure 6.2 shows an overview of the MVC pattern applied to the CocoaWGet program. The program s data resides in the model (WgetParameters) and is implemented with NSMutableDictionary, a hash table. The key is the command-line parameter
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public void StopThread() { ExampleThread.Abort(); }
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Creating and maintaining catalogs
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datamatrix java library
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Working with conversations
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The PowerShell while loop statement syntax
Web Part Type Group Filename Sealed Feature
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Cocos2d Test Cases
More than just that happens, of course. There s user code, media decoding, network access, and so on, but this table captures the essence of the rendering process. Though it can help to conceptualize this as an ongoing loop, the individual steps trigger off timers and window messages and not off a single cycle timer, it d be slightly inaccurate to do so. Nevertheless, just as we still refer to the various timer- and eventdriven processes in game development as the game loop, it s a reasonable abstraction. This process is continually optimized from release to release and even across devices. For example, the Windows Phone 7 process, though similar to what I ve just described, actually runs the animations on a separate thread. One of the most significant limitations of the rendering process for any browser plug-in is the UI thread. Each browser offers up one UI thread per process, shared across all plug-ins in that process. For some browsers, the scope of a process is a single tab; for others, it s the entire browser. Of the preceding steps, a few demand additional explanation. Specifically, the clock tick, the per-frame render callback, rasterization, and layout all require more detail. We ll start with an explanation of rasterization and the various steps involved in it and then look at how we can plug into the process via the render callback. Finally,
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