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Choosing Files, Folders, and Disks
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CHAPTER 11: Document-Based Applications
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Listing 5 13. The Final Change in TumblingTeapot.m
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Figure 9 Ensuring that Enable Integrated Windows Authentication* is selected
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HttpBrowserCapabilities caps = Request.Browser; string s1 = "Type of Browser: " + caps.Type; string s2 = "Is current browser a crawler: " + caps.Crawler; string s2 = "Has touch capabilities: " + caps["supportsTouchScreen"];
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Interfaces Are Sensibly Named
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CHAPTER 6: Switch View with Multiple Graphics
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memory. The following line returns the block allocated earlier to the free memory pool:
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service and obtain a proxy object. The proxy object doesn t implement any of the server s code. Instead, the proxy forwards any method invocations through the connection to the server process, where the desired method is actually executed. Any parameters and return values are similarly encoded and transported through the connection. There are two significant differences between the Java and Objective-C implementations. The first is how proxy objects are created. In Java, you must first design an interface that defines the methods for the server object, along with a class that implements them. The Java rmic compiler then creates a special _Stub class suitable for use as a proxy object. The client process obtains the proxy object and invokes its methods, which are forwarded back to the server for execution. Objective-C provides the NSProxy class. This is a very special class, because it is not a subclass of NSObject. NSObject and NSProxy are both subclasses of the root Object class. Most of what you consider to be base-class methods are defined in NSObject, not Object. Consequently, NSProxy inherits no methods which makes it perfect for what it does. NSProxy overrides the -forwardInvocation: method described in 6. Since it implements almost no methods, virtually any method you send it will end up invoking -forwardInvocation:. NSDistantObject, the useable subclass of NSProxy, connects an NSProxy with an NSConnection. Any message sent to the proxy object is archived and transported through the NSConnection for execution by the remote process. By leveraging Objective-C s unimplemented method handling, a lightweight proxy object can be spontaneously created for any Objective-C object. This means that you can share virtually any object through an NSConnection.
One-to-one associations
CHAPTER 4: All Fingers and Thumbs: Multitouch Interface Design and Implementation
Another way that a thread can exit WaitSleepJoin is that some resource that is being waited upon becomes available. If some other thread had a lock on the current instance of the object, Me/this in listing 13.2, the thread would enter the WaitSleepJoin state when it encountered the SyncLock statement. Once the other thread released the lock on the current instance, the thread executing ThreadMethod would exit the WaitSleepJoin state. The Join method is used to wait for a thread to terminate. The thread that calls Join on some other thread s object enters WaitSleepJoin until a timeout expires or the joined thread terminates. A more direct way that a thread can leave the WaitSleepJoin state is by using the Interrupt method. Interrupt is a way of forcing a thread to exit the WaitSleepJoin state. This is accomplished by using Exception. When a thread has Interrupt called on it, if the thread is currently in the WaitSleepJoin state, ThreadInterruptedException is raised on that thread. If the thread is not in the WaitSleepJoin state, as soon as it enters the state ThreadInterruptedException will be raised.
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