Figure 15-3. The View dialog box in Word Microsoft

Creator QRCode in Word Microsoft Figure 15-3. The View dialog box

Subscriptions cannot be created because the credentials used to run the report are not stored, the report is using user-defined parameter values, or if a linked report, the link is no longer valid.
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@interface FlipIt_AppDelegate : NSObject { IBOutlet NSBox *box; IBOutlet NSTabView *tabView; NSView *leftView; NSView *rightView; NSView *middleView; NSArray *items; NSInteger currentTabIndex; } - (IBAction)next:(id)sender; - (IBAction)previous:(id)sender; @end
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Variance Properties
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Advanced data templates and binding
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can t afford to ignore PowerShell: over the next few years, it will become the basis for more and more administration. Ask yourself a question: if you were in charge of a team of IT administrators (and perhaps you are), which ones would you want in your senior, higher-paying positions The ones who need several minutes to click their way through a GUI each time they need to perform a task, or the ones who can perform tasks in a few seconds after automating them We already know the answer from almost every other part of the IT world. Ask a Cisco administrator, or an AS/400 operator, or a Unix administrator. The answer is: I d rather have the guy or gal who can run things more efficiently from the command line. Going forward, the Windows world will start to split into two groups: administrators who can use PowerShell, and those who can t. As I famously said at Microsoft s TechEd 2010 conference, your choice is learn PowerShell, or would you like fries with that I m glad you ve decided to learn PowerShell.
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Figure 12.5 The Report Manager Subscription Wizard makes setting up the subscription query easy.
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ScriptDB allows you to save and load database files. You can use either XML or a tab-delimited format. The DB save and DB load commands allow you to specify the format and delimiters for the text file. The neat feature is that ScriptDB uses a FileMaker Pro compliant XML format, so you can load XML files exported by FileMaker Pro and have all the field formats preserved. You can also export the data from ScriptDB in XML and then import that XML file right into a FileMaker Pro database or just open it with FileMaker Pro.
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Do I really have to write all this infrastructure code
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Adding Radio Buttons in a Matrix
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private void activePage_DataContextChanged(object sender, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e) { RichTextBox wikiEditor = sender as RichTextBox; WikiPage page = e.NewValue as WikiPage; if (page != null) { wikiEditor.Document = page.Document; } }
Touch the More button in the lower righthand corner to see the download progress for each song on the album. The song or album will then become part of your music library, and it will be synced with your computer the next time you connect your iPhone 4 to iTunes on your computer. After the download is complete, you will see the new song, audiobook, podcast, or iTunes U podcast inside the correct category within your iPod icon. NOTE: Purchased videos and iTunes U videos go into the Videos section of the iPod app on your iPhone 4.
Naming methods in Objective-C is a bit of an art. Objective-C method names are generally constructed using one of the forms shown in Listing 3-5. The listing shows some abstract method names followed by several real-world examples.
Customizing Your Picture Frame
PS (1) > (1,2,3,4).sum() Method invocation failed because [System.Object[]] doesn't conta in a method named 'sum'. At line:1 char:14 + (1,2,3,4).sum( <<<< )
TheQueue = Queue.Synchronized(new Queue());
Listing 8.2 shows the mouse wheel properties in action.
SELECT au_fname, au_lname FROM dbo.authors WHERE au_lname = 'Jones'
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