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Putting Error Numbers to Use
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Figure 4.13 For tabular reports, you can view and manage groups from the Table Properties dialog box.
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One of the many failings Internet Explorer has in regard to DOM is that NodeList objects are not JavaScript objects (they are COM objects). Therefore, you cannot pass a NodeList as the first parameter to in Internet Explorer because doing so will return an error since that parameter must be a JavaScript object. But don t worry. By rewriting the NodeList to array conversion with a try catch statement, which is covered in 4, you can accommodate Internet Explorer, too. So click Clear in both Firebug panels, and then enter and run the following cross-browser NodeList to array conversion. var myArray, i, j, myNodeList = document. childNodes[1]. childNodes[1]. childNodes[1]. childNodes[3]. childNodes; try { myArray =, 0); } catch (errorObject) { myArray = []; for (i = 0, j = myNodeList.length; i < j; i += 1) { myArray[i] = myNodeList[i]; } } myArray instanceof Array; // true Verify your work with Figure 7 9.
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2008-07-20 16:47:09.528 02 BOOL Party[16991:10b] are 5 and 5 different NO 2008-07-20 16:47:09.542 02 BOOL Party[16991:10b] are 23 and 42 different YES The Debugger has exited with status 0.
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Using the Toolbar in Numbers
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Listing 10.4 CanExecute handler
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Layout Name
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single-threaded 157 Skype, shared-nothing partitioning 105 SLA 26, 173, 178 181 violations 178 Smalltalk, and Ruby 44 smartphone 193 194 adoption 193, 194 vs. PC 193 SOA 135 138 and cloud computing 138 and loose coupling 136 137 and web services 137 138 as cloud precursor 132 139 as requirement for cloud computing 12 hype 2 orchestration 136 service consumer 137 service provider 137 services 136 SOAP, and encryption 222 SOASTA 163 social engineering 83 software licensing, and virtualization 26 pricing, and virtualization 26 SOX 74 and SAS 70 76 space shuttle, and component redundancy 140 spoofed traffic 82 Sprint, private cloud 95 96 SQL 30 movement away from 32 SQS 39, 138 139 and cloudbursting 121 and Eventseer 120 squid cache 115 SSDS 34 SSL and asymmetric encryption 222 and shared-key encryption 221 staging, cost 155 staging environment 149 defining 150 151
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Try TheNamedSlot = Thread.AllocateNamedDataSlot("TheSlot") TheNamedSlot = Thread.AllocateNamedDataSlot("TheSlot") Catch ex As Exception System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine(ex.Message) System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine(ex.ToString()) End Try
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The following are known issues when you uninstall MCMS 2002 with SP1a.
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NHibernate provides a mapping format based on the popular XML. Mapping documents written in and with XML are lightweight, are human readable, are easily hand-
Consumer Connections IWebPartParameters Dual Chinese Search Used to search Dual Chinese document and items at the same time Assembly Class
CVS is an excellent choice for multideveloper projects where simultaneous file sharing and editing is a requirement. In addition, CVS works over a network, and
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