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met! Most business applications implement lots of validation on the data prior to submitting it to the back-end database. Some validation is carried out at database level, and some is done at presentation level. Take Microsoft Dynamics CRM, for example: in the UI, there are checks for valid phone numbers and ZIP codes before a round trip is made to the database. In this chapter, we ll explore two methods of writing back to the line-of-business system. One is to use InfoPath, and the other is to use Visual Studio.NET code to generate two web parts.
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Sub OutputLine(ByVal message As String) Console.WriteLine(message) End Sub End Module
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sources located on another machine, requiring the credentials to hop to one more machine. Now that we ve confirmed the last tier, it s time to test out our configuration.
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Adding RAM to your SQL server instance
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Running DelegConfig from the client tier
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Find just about anything, get directions, avoid traffic, more
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Whenever you need to get information about a file, folder, or disk, you can go to several places: the Finder, System Events, or the info for command. The info for command is part of Standard Additions. The power of the info for command is in the information it returns to you. The information about a file is returned in a record whose properties are shown in the following section.
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This would permit the following line in your code:
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How to construct XML documents by adding elements to an existing document using the CreateElement() method. Using the XMLReader class to search XML documents without loading the whole document into memory. Building utility functions for searching and formatting XML documents. Examples of processing XML documents using PowerShell pipelines. How to save and restore collections of objects using Import-CLIXml and Export-CLIXml.
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In IB, you can press Cmd+R (or choose File Test Interface) at any point to see how the interface will look and to try all the controls you put on it.
The next thing to look at is nested arrays. Since a PowerShell array can hold any type of object, obviously it can also hold another array. We ve already mentioned that using the array subexpression operation was not the way to build a nested array. Now let s talk about how we actually do it using assignments and the comma operator. First, you can build nested arrays one piece at a time using assignments. Alternatively, you can just nest the comma operator within parentheses. Starting with last things first, here s how to build up a nested array structure using commas and parentheses. The result is concise:
Listing 10.4 Session management using the current session API
There are also disadvantages:
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